5 Free Websites To Make Photo Filmstrip Online

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In this article, we will cover 5 free websites to make photo filmstrip online. With the help of these websites, you can easily make photo filmstrip with your own photos. All you have to do is, upload your photos to their online editors. You can also customize your photo filmstrip with various customization options. Different websites have different options for customizations, some have full editors, some have color filters and frames, etc. Follow this article to know more about them.

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Tuxpi.com is an online photo editor where you can customize your photos with picture frames, color filters, borders, etc. You can add fade effect, object overlay, picture border, frame, art, and can tone the colors and fx as well.

make photo filmstrip online

In this online editor, you can easily make photo filmstrip. To do so, first of all, upload the photo which you want in the filmstrip. Then, select the film-reel frame from frames & borders. It will add a filmstrip around your photo. Further, you can add custom text to your photo, you can experiment with the color &  contrast, and you can also do basic operations like crop, rotate, resize, etc.

Once you are done with the editing, you can download your filmstrip photo by clicking on the Save button. The photo will be saved in JPEG format. By clicking the Share button above Save, you can directly share the photo to your social networks. This online editor only supports single photo at a time, you can not add multiple photos to make a larger filmstrip.


If you are looking for multi-photo frame then this is the editor for you. Funny.pho.to is another online photo editor website which offers a ton of editing features. Some of the main features of this editor are Fun Effects, Face Retouch, Instant Fix, and Cartoons. You can also create e-cards and avatars with this online photo editor.

To make photo filmstrip from your photos, select the Filmstrip effect from Multi Photo Frames. After that, it will ask you to upload your photos for the filmstrip. You can upload photos by URL, from Facebook, as well as from your computer. You can add as many photos as you like. (The more photos you add, smaller the photo filmstrip is going to be.)

make photo filmstrip

It will make a photo filmstrip from all your photos. One filmstrip contains four photos and the number of filmstrips depends on the number of photos you upload. If the number of your photos is not a multiple of four then it will repeat several photos to fill up the empty spaces.

You can also add custom text, stickers, and frames to your photos. In case, any of your photos is cropped in the wrong way that you don’t like, you can adjust the crop according to your choice.

photo filmstrip

Once you are happy with your filmstrip, you can download it and can also share it online on your social network.


The next entry in this list is imikimi.com. It is an online editor that is entirely focusing on frames. You can find a large variety of photo frames here. It has frames for various festivals, occasions, etc. With all those frames, it also has a frame for making filmstrip. The filmstrip is arranged in a collage type manner here. You can add up to 10 photos in this filmstrip, two photos in the middle and four on each side. It has a pre-added colorful text that reads “Family Fun Photos”, and you can not remove it from the filmstrip.


Unlike other editors, it doesn’t offer many customization options. Although, you can still add custom text to your filmstrip photo. You can also resize and rotate photos to perfectly fit inside the filmstrip.

photo borders

After adding your photos, click on save button to save the photo filmstrip. It gives you two options to save your filmstrip, either you can save it as Animated GIF or as High Quality JPG. You can share it on your Facebook directly from here and also get the embed code to embed it in your webpage/blog.

filmstrip photo


Lunapic.com is an advance online photo editor with tons of functions like Photoshop. Lets just not get into that much details. Our main objective is to make a filmstrip and making photo filmstrip is very easy in this editor. Open the editor, browse and upload your photo. Then click on the Borders tab and select Filmstrip from there.

photo borders

It will create a filmstrip around your photo. You can’t adjust the image, that’s because its a border, not a frame. Although you can add a caption to the filmstrip. You can save the final filmstrip photo to your computer and you can also share it on social media as this editor has links for almost all famous social media platforms.

photo frame


Insertface.com is the last entry in this list of online photo filmstrip maker websites. It is an online collection of photo frames. Enter filmstrip in the search field, hit search, and it will give you many different types of filmstrip photo frames. You’ll get vertical filmstrips, horizontal  filmstrips, filmstrips with attractive backgrounds, etc.

film reel

When you select a filmstrip photo frame, it asks you to upload photos respective to the filmstrip. After uploading a photo, you can perform various operations on it like Crop, Rotate, Colors, Text, etc. Once you are done, select the photos you want to insert and click insert selected.

filters crop resize editor

You can adjust the photos in the filmstrip for a perfect fit. You can also perform mirror flip on the final photo filmstrip. And, when everything is done, you can download the photo filmstrip to your computer and you can share it on Facebook from there as well.

Closing Words:

All these online editor websites are good for what they intended to do. Every one of them gives you nice photo filmstrips, some with more customizations and editing tools, and some with less. Go ahead, use them yourself and share your experience with us.

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