Free Android App to ask Constructive 360-degree Feedback From Team

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This article covers a free Android app to ask constructive 360-degree feedback from team. In a work environment, feedback is very helpful for self-improvement. There are lots of feedback apps and tools out there but most of them are generally for team or product feedback where employees or users give their feedback on respective things. Those tools lack the individual employee feedback where employees get 360-degree feedback from the team for their work and hence improve themselves accordingly.

Sprynkl is a free Android app which is like a team Workplace where employees can ask 360-degree feedback on their performance. You can create multiple teams in this app and invite the teammates to join the workplace. Teammates can post their work like a social media post and others can like and comment on that. Anyone from the team can create a feedback post for a particular task and asks for feedback. This way, employees can easily keep track of their performance and make improvements based on 360-degree feedback.

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Ask Constructive 360-degree Feedback From Team: Sprynkl

To use Sprynkl, first, you need to create an account using your email address. I recommend you to use your work email. With work email, you can easily find teammates signed up in this app.

get 360-degree feedback from team

After sign up, go to the hamburger menu and create a team. Then, go to that team and enter your work email domain. This gives you a list of teammates who are available on Sprynkl. You can also search for teammates by their Sprynkl name or email and invite them to join the team.

get 360-degree feedback for self-improvement

Each team gets a workplace where teammates can create posts. The posts appear in all the teammates’ feed where they can like the post and add comments. Next to the feed, it has an achievement section where each member can track his/her achievements along with feedback results.

get 360-degree feedback from teammates

With the + icon in the bottom middle of the screen, any member can create feedback post to get 360-degree feedback from a particular teammate or the entire team. Currently, this app provides the following templates to collect feedback on specific soft skills:

  • Presentation
  • Meeting Management
  • Personal Communication

In each template, it automatically adds feedback options with a field to add a question. It also has an option to create your own template which is not available yet. This feature is expected in future updates.

Apart from asking for feedback, members can also give feedback to other teammates and create thank you post to thank a particular member or the entire team.

Grab this app to get 360-degree feedback here.

Wrap Up

Sprynkl is a nice team workplace app where you can ask 360-degree feedback on your performance and skills. Having feedback from your team actually helps you improve your skills. Give this app a try and share your thoughts on this with us in the comments section.

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