ProtOn: File Protection Software To Protect Shared Files And Documents

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ProtOn is a free file protection software designed to protect personal files or documents that you share. Today, documents are shared rampantly and their privacy is often compromised. ProtOn ensures that the data that are not to be disclosed can be tracked and activities done on them can be monitored. Documents, emails, blogs, etc can be protected through this free file protection software and then can be shared with complete reliability.

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Downloading and Installing ProTon:

Download option is available on the official website of ProtOn. After downloading this file protection tool, you need to run its setup file. Since ProtOn is a free data security software that ensures protection as well as tracking, users have to register online too. ProtOn becomes fully functional after all its components are downloaded and installed and the online registration has been completed. On completion of the entire process, ProtOn’s explorer appears on the screen following short guide-notes. There are some more similar software reviewed by us like, Text Protector, IOBit Password Folder and Vanish Crypt.

Features of ProtOn Free File Protection Software:

ProtOn encrypts documents that are to be protected. This free file protection software not only secures documents but also gives users the power to manage accessibility. Thus, a document may be made accessible for some and restricted for others. People who had access earlier can be denied of accessing your document and people who were restricted can be permitted any time. This free data security software is available for home use, professional use as well as corporate use. The feature tweaked to meet the requirements of respective users. Significantly, intellectual properties can be prevented from tampering.

The corporate service of ProtOn allows the administrator to control classified documents and its users. Even people using ProtOn out of administrator’s control can be tracked. Data protected by ProtOn can be shared and used in any way without any concern of leaks or forgery. A new menu is included to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and right-click of mouse  makes ProtOn convenient to use over your document files. The ProtOn icon at the taskbar has preferences and all other menus that ProtOn offers. We advice you to check `delete the original document after it’s protected` option, because it’s quite relevant as the presence of unprotected file does not make any sense of security. The features are mentioned in detail on various links of ProtOn website.

Using ProtOn:

To secure documents with ProtOn is like ‘copy-paste’ or ‘rename’. Right click on the document that has to be secured and click on the ‘protect’ option that is added to the right-click menu. ProtOn secures the document upon which right-click was executed.  The respective document then appears with ProtOn logo. Documents can be protected while on them through the additional ProtOn menu in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

After protection, comes the permission module which, however, is as simple as data protection. The ‘Manage Permission’ option in the ProtOn menu at the taskbar opens the online page through which settings can be customized.  The types of permission are stated at the top in columns and the people are reflected in rows. The check-boxes to the right of person’s name have to be checked or unchecked to permit or restrict the corresponding action. Groups and Organisation can be managed, like people manage their account, contact, etc. on social websites, through the respectively named tabs at the top of the window.

The activities that have been performed on certain documents can be viewed in the same way as a document is protected except that users will have to select ‘view log’ option at the right-click menu of ProtOn. The Activity log reveals all the activities that have taken place on all the documents.

A feature that must be mentioned here is the Help option of ProtOn. It is the perfect tutorial and help guide for software of this genre. The efficiency comes from the connection of the ProtOn with its online site. From features description to software tutorial, everything has been included with sufficient details.

The efficiency and significance of ProtOn in data security is undeniable. The onsite and online co-ordination of ProtOn makes it proficient for file protection. This file protection software is utmost easy to use and simple to understand too. Download and try it yourself for free.

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Works With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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