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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead. is free Internet Radio that works by streaming music from different music blogs. keeps checking music blogs for new music that they may have added, and adds that to its channels. All you do once you start it is choose the channel that you want. Shuffler then begins playing after finding a blog in that particular channel. After the song is played it will jump to the next in line.

For more internet radio, you can try Shoutcast radio player, and also record internet radio.

There is no strict listening schedule to this program and it works by keeping close watch on music blogs. It has a GUI that is appealing and gives you the options of jumping back and forth between the blogs in question. is a very interesting concept, and a nice way to hear music completely free. This is also an easy way to discover new music.

Shuffler is free Internet radio that is created by music blogs and you can skip around. This is a new way to get exposure on the web to new music. It is really easy to use. Simply go to the Shuffle home page and click on the music that you want to hear. It will then take you to a web blog and play a song from that particular web blog. There is no software required to use Shuffle, just an Internet connection. This will introduce you to a lot of different music that is out there and is a full audio experience.

Having used it myself, I am getting a lot of new music that is interesting to listen to. No matter what your tastes, you can find something here for you. Bear in mind that it only deals with about 50 or so genres of music but you can manipulate the program to get more.

Some features of

  • 50 different musical styles that are the most blogged
  • Easy to change channels
  • No software required
  • Internet connection required
  • New and interesting music
  • Free Internet Radio
  • Covers Multiple Genres is a very unique concept. You get to hear new music online, and you do not need to install any software for that. You can just leave it running in background, and it will keep moving from song to song, with no ending music. Do you know you can broadcast your own radio for free?

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