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It’s a human tendency that we generally underestimate how much we can achieve by doing a certain activity in the long run, using small steps. There is a famous ancient Chinese proverb that sums this up, “Continuously dripping water eventually penetrates a large stone.”

There is yet another startling story from India, that of Dashrath Manjhi, also known as the Mountain Man. He one day thought of carving a path 110 m long and 9 m wide through a ridge of hills using only hand tools. After steadily toiling for 22 years, he shortened the travel between his village and the neighboring one from 55 km to 15 km.

Let’s now apply the same logic to Reading Books. How many books can you read in a couple of months or a year if you can dedicate a certain time duration daily and set the speed of reading (in Words per minute). You will be surprised with the results.

For example, if you read 10 minutes a day at an average speed of 250 WPM, you will be able to binge roughly 12 books a year. Increase this to 15 minutes per day and the number of books rises to 19. Isn’t that mind boggling. But just how did we estimate this. Here comes the Books Calculator.

It’s a very simple online application that helps you to calculate how many books you can read in certain number of months or years if you know how much time is at your disposal on a daily basis.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Books Calculator using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Select the number of minutes that you can dedicate each day.

3. Choose the speed at which you wish to read the books ranging from very slow to fast.

4. Select the time duration in months or year for which you want to calculate.

5. The website will give you the estimated number of books that you will be able to read based on your choices. You can share these results on Twitter in order to be committed.

30 minutes for 10 yrs

60 minutes for 10 yrs

6. Additionally, Books Calculator will also recommend certain best-sellers in order to motivate you to start reading.

Final Comments:

This is a cool website for book lovers to figure out the number of books that they can read in a year by specifying how much time they can dedicate each day. It will definitely help them to be motivated and achieve their targets.

Click here to navigate to Books Calculator and see the results for yourself.

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