Explore Political History of Ancient World with This Interactive Map

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This article covers a free interactive map to explore political history of ancient worldAncient History is a non-profit company that provides the world’s most-read history encyclopedia with a mission to improve history education and engage people with cultural heritage. It has a Map of Ancient World where you can explore the political territories of the ancient world.

This map provides an overview of the ancient world across all time periods. You can simply select a date and explore how the world looked like in that era. It uses the CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era) notation system for the time and focuses on the Mediterranean along with other parts of the world. This map is currently under development but the Mediterranean part is complete until around 270 BCE.

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Explore Political History of Ancient World with This Interactive Map

The Map of Ancient World shows you the political territories throughout ancient history. It uses color codes to show the territories of ancient empires and kingdoms. The map has a search option where you can type the name of an empire, kingdom, or any other ancient location to find it on the map and know its territory.


This map has a date set at the top from where you can enter a date and see a map of that time. The map uses the CE (Common Era) notation system; you can select the era and then type the year to view the respective map. You can simply tap on the map and move it around to view the territories. Also, you can zoom in and out on the map using the mouse wheel or the zoom buttons to explore the map closely. And, by holding the mouse cursor on a marked location you can get the info about that place.


At the bottom of the map, you get an option to get a public sharable link to the current map. Along with that, there is also an embed button that gives the code to embed the map on the web pages.

Try this political map of ancient history here.

Wrap Up

This map provides a simple way to explore political ancient history. With the date setting feature, you can time travel to any ancient location, empire or kingdom and check out which famous ancient places falls under which territories. You can also track the history of an empire by gradually changing the time.

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