Twitter Client For Chrome To See Tweets, Retweets, Messages Together

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Hotot  is new Twitter client for Chrome. This free Twitter client provides an interface which is much better than that of Twitter itself. It provides all the features of Twitter on one screen. It shows various columns, which provide different features. For example, there is a column for all your tweets, another for mentions, another for messages, and so on. In addition, you can add more columns and customize everything as per your liking.

If you are an avid Twitter user, you know that you need to click around on Twitter to access various features. But Hotot makes everything very simple, by showing everything on one single screen.


Also the loading of the pages is fast.

Every new update is available on the top of that column. In addition, a popup comes on your screen that tells you about that update.

Multi-Column Interface of Hotot Free Twitter Client for Chrome:

Hoto has many different columns, but by default three columns are shown. Those columns are Mentions, Messages, and Home Timeline. In addition to those, many more columns are available that you can add: Search, Retweets, Favorites, List, etc. Here is a brief description of each of these columns:

1. Mentions: This column shows all those tweets in you are mentioned.

2. Messages: In this column you can see the messages which were received by you or you had sent any message to someone.

3. Home Timeline: This basically shows whatever homepage of your Twitter shows. So, it shows all the tweets from the ones you are following, retweets, etc.

4. Search: Here as in Twitter you can search anyone to follow or you can search any hot topic on Twitter. Search here with #hashtags, by username @, or by name as you do in Twitter.


5. Retweet Views: Here you can see how many of your tweets are retweeted. Here you can also see the tweet made by you or your tweets made by other under the tags, ”by me”, “by others”  and “my tweets retweeted”. All these are viewed separately. Click what you want to see; will be displayed.

6. Favorite Views: Twitter also allows you to mark tweets as favorite. It may be your tweets or tweets made by others. This column shows all tweets marked favorite by you.

7. Open a Profile: Hotot also allows you to see the profile of any person. Click on “Open A Profile”. A new window will appear. Here add the name of the person you want to see the profile. It will show all the information regarding that person.

8. Open a List: Twitter also allows you to add a list you are following or also allows you to follow any list just enter the name of that list. Same thing you can also do in Hotot. Click “Open a List”, again here new window will appear, add the name of the list, leave the rest for Hotot. The format for searching a list is “@username/slug”.

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Get Desktop Notifications of New Tweets, Retweets, Mentions:

The best thing I liked about Hotot is the notification function. Whenever a new tweet is available a pop-up will be available for you on the desktop. Hotot shows notifications for all the columns that you have added. So, if you have added a separate column for a list and there is a new tweet in that list, you will get a notification for that too. However, the great thing here is that you can control for which columns you want to see the notifications. Like, in my case, I have set it to show notifications for retweets and mentions only.hotot-notification

Features Of Hotot Free Chrome Client for Twitter:

There are some other features of Hotot which improve your experience of “Twitting”:

  • Allows you to compose new tweet as you do in Twitter (don’t forget the word limit).
  • Hotot gives you a Multi Column View, in which your tweets are arranged well and nicely
  • Hotot gives you a color coding to your tweets, in which it can tag your tweets by color tags.
  • Hotot shows your conversations in a threaded format.
  • Hotot has an inbuilt image uploader, by which you can upload images onto Twitter.
  • Hotot  allows you to add Geolocation to your tweets.
  • Translation and “Read Later” feature using Pocket app.
  • Switch on or off notifications for all columns.
  • Shows notification for all columns you have opened.
  • You can also apply themes.
  • Has keyboard shortcuts.

My Conclusion:

I found Hotot a very useful and nice Twitter client, which is made for chrome. Hotot allows you to do all those things that you can do in Twitter. Above all, this Hotot Twitter client gives all this in a single page and very nicely arranged. Here you can tag the tweet by color according to the importance.

In Hotot you can also view profiles of any person. Whenever you open a profile of a person his/her profile pic comes on the top. Moreover you can add as many as profiles as you want. For all the profiles and columns you have added you can control the live updates from all those columns.

I found Hotot a fantastic app for managing Twitter accounts. This app allows you to not only view but also edit the content of your Twitter account, and this all is for free!

You can try this intelligent Twitter Client, made for Chrome here.

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