Facebook Messenger Bot To Turn Photos Into Prisma-like Art Photos

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Icon8 is a Facebook Messenger bot to apply Prisma filters to photos. This bot can turn your photos and selfies into fine piece of arts. It applies a number of different artful filters which appears quite similar to Prisma ones. You just have to send a photo to this bot and within just a few seconds it will return the photo with pro-art filters. Well, not just this, if you don’t like the default pro art filter, then you can choose from other sets of filters to apply on the photo.

This bot makes it pretty easy to apply Prisma-like photos filters and effects on Facebook itself. What I liked the most is the speed of the bot which makes it pretty easy to use while chatting with friends. So, you can quickly send a photo of your friends to it and then share the converted art photo to him/her to make him feel special. It even gives you the option to share the converted art photos on your Facebook timeline.

Note: It adds a little watermark to the artful photo created.

facebook messenger bot to convert photos to prisma-like art photos

There is another interesting Facebook bot which can turn your photos to memes. This bot adds a funny line to the photo by analyzing it which amazingly looks funny. Well, Icon8 is the bot which you will love more as it can add artful filters to your photos in a flash. There is a similar bot on Twitter as well which can turn your GIFs and photos to art. If you are a bot-lover then you can find bots for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms on these Facebook bot directories. So, explore the world of bots in these bot directories and I will keep introducing new bots that you can add to your inbox as your personal assistant. The one in the article will let you apply numerous filters to your photo on demand.

How to use this Facebook Messenger bot to turn photos and selfies into art:

Nothing tricky is involved in order to get started with this Facebook Messenger, just visit the link provided at the end of this review and send a message to this Facebook bot. After that, you can send any of your pics to this bot and it will return you a photo with Prisma-like filters, as shown in the screenshot below. Well, unlike using other photo editing apps which can do the same thing to your photos, this bot takes reasonably less time to turn your photos to art by applying filters (depends only on the Internet connection speed).

turn photos to art on Facebook with icon8 facebook messenger bot

It also lists a number of different filters that you can apply to the pic like Retro, Deep, Rhythm, etc. Click or tap on any of these pro-art filters and this Messenger bot will send you the same photo with a different effect and texture.


In this article, I have introduced you to a fantastic Messenger bot to turn your selfies and pics into artful photos. I will surely recommend you to check out Icon8 bot as it is just like having Prisma inside your inbox which lets you add fine filters to the pics and save to your phone. Add it to your bot list from the link below and let me know your experience with the bot from the comments section below.

Add Icon8 bot to your chat list.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 7 Average: 2.9]
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