Manage, Edit Spreadsheets on iPhone using iSpreadsheet

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iSpreadsheet is a free iPhone app for managing spreadsheets on iPhone. You can connect this app with your Google account or Dropbox account, and you can also download files from a verified iCloud email account. The app allows you to download and see every file, but for editing it only allows excel files or CSV files. It also lets you share files on wi-fi, upload files from your PC or Mac using iTunes and edit on iSpreadsheet.

This is a free version, which shows ads. If you do not like ads or like the free app a lot then you can upgrade to the paid version, in which you can get some advanced features like passcode lock facility.

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Starting With iSpreadsheets on iPhone Free:

iSpreadsheet is easy to use. Log in with your Google Drive account or Dropbox account to work on spreadsheets on iphone.

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Select the CSV file you want to edit. It will ask you to download it. The downloaded file can be viewed under Documents icon on the homepage of the app. Or tap the Documents button on the top of the page, to see the files.

You can also get the files from your verified iCloud email account. You can also get the files from your PC using iTunes. Or if you are working in a Wifi area then you can also use your IP address to upload files from any PC and can see them on your iOS device using iSpreadsheet. Though while testing the app this feature didn’t work and the file uploading failed.

Making New Spreadsheets on iOS And Work Offline: Here you can also make spreadsheets on iPhone and work on them offline. To start with; tap on Documents from home page. Now you will be taken to Documents page. From here tap the “+” icon on the bottom of the page. Now it will ask you, if you want to make a new folder or a spreadsheet. To make a new spreadsheet tap on Spreadsheet and you can see a new blank spreadsheet. You can work on it online or offline. On the top bar give the name to the file and you are done with making a new spreadsheet. To go back, tap on iSpreadsheet button on the left top.

iSpreadsheet-add new folder or spreadsheet-spreadsheet on iPhone

Similarly you can also create a new folder. Just tap on Folder icon, while choosing between Spreadsheet or Folder. Just give a name to the folder created.

You can also create Spreadsheets inside any folder. The process is same, just tap on the “+” icon on the right bottom. And you can also create a new folder within a folder.

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Features of iSpreadsheet for iPhone:

  • Loads files from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Open every kind of CSV file without any formatting
  • Supports Mathematical formulas.
  • Cell formatting and cell resizing is supported.
  • Can make unlimited spreadsheets.
  • Autosave and Recovery.
  • Allows to work with both offline or online spreadsheets.
  • You can also save the work to Dropbox.

The Final Note:

iSpreadsheet is a free app for managing Spreadsheets for iPhone or iPad. The app works smoothly on all CSV formats and presents them without much formatting. This is a free app which is sponsored by ads as you can see on your screen. You can also upgrade to the paid version for getting more features.

To get iSpreadsheet app click here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Free/Paid: Free

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