5 Free AI based Logo Maker for Businesses without Watermark

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In today’s digital world, you need not be a graphic designer to craft a professional logo. AI logo generators can automatically do this task for you easily and quickly. They can help you to generate amazing logos in several different styles, colors, formats and more using your company name, industry type and more as inputs.

In this article we will be exploring 5 AI-based Logo Makers without watermark that startups and businesses can use free of cost.

1. Free Logo Maker from Namecheap

Namecheap is a popular and widely-used ICANN-accredited registrar for domain names registrar and web hosting company. This tool from Namecheap allows you to craft your own business logos and share or download them without a watermark. Just click on the link that we have provided below to navigate to this tool.

At the outset, input your brand name and in the next few screens choose your font and style from the options that have been provided. Next, select the color palette that you wish to use for the logo, input any slogan if required, choose at least 3 icons that you desire to use in your logo from the icon library available from Namecheap and a large collection of logos will be automatically generated on the screen based on your choices.

Click on any logo to visualize it in a larger size as well as preview its appearance on websites, t-shirts, visiting cards and more. You can use the options in the left-side panel to change Color, Text, Icon, Layout and more. Finally, when you are satisfied with the looks and appearance of the logo, you can download it or share it with other using a web link. You must sign up for a free account with Namecheap to be able to download or share your logo.

Click here to navigate to NameCheap Free Logo Maker.

Namecheap Free Logo Maker

Namecheap Free Logo Maker

2. FreeLogo.dev

Let’s move on to the next Business Logo Maker in our list namely, FreeLogo.dev that effortlessly generates beautiful and simple logos in just a few seconds without any hassles. Just click on the link that we have provided below to use this tool.

You must sign up for a free account to use this tool. Click on ‘New Logo’ and type two letters of your brand or company name in the ‘Icon Text’ field in the right-side panel as well as the full name of your business. Now, use the respective options in the panel to choose font, font size, background color, border color, text color and more and you will be able to visualize your logo in real-time. You can also click on ‘Randomize’ to allow FreeLogo.dev to randomly create different logo designs to choose from.

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the logo, you can click on the button ‘Export for all platforms’ at the bottom of the panel and then click on ‘Download Free Icon’ to download the logos to your system in monochrome as well as color. You can subscribe to the Premium Version of FreeLogo.dev to gain access to more features that will also allow you to download your logo in all formats for social media platforms, blogs etc.

Click here to navigate to FreeLogo.dev.



3. Picsart Logo Generator

This AI-based logo generator allows you to input your brand name and industry and smartly matches the generated logos with your inputs to help you put together an elegant and distinctive brand identity. Simply click on the link that we have given below to navigate to this tool.

Click on ‘Generate a Logo’, enter your brand name, choose the color palette and the industry that best matches with your business by clicking on any of the available options in the left-side panel and click on the ‘Generate’ button. Picsart Logo Maker will generate 4 variations of your logo and display in the panel. You can click on any one of them to visualize them in a larger size. To generate more variations, you can click on the button ‘Show more results’ at the bottom.

If you want to further edit and customize the logo as per your needs, you can use the toolbar at the top of the page. Finally, when you are contended with your logo design, click on the ‘Export’ button at the top right, choose the output file type such as JPG, WebM etc. and click on ‘Download’ to save the logo file to your system.

To navigate to Picsart Logo Maker, click here.

Picsart Logo Maker

Picsart Logo Maker

4. Pixelied

This is yet another AI-based online platform that allows users to created amazing high-quality assets including icons, illustrations, and logos and more. If offers a text-to-image tool that you can use and type a few words in plain natural language to convert your creative ideas into wonderful designs in just a few clicks. Just click on the link that we have provided below to use this tool and register for a free account.

Click on ‘Create a Design’ at the top left of the Pixelied dashboard to bring up the AI Image Generator. Choose ‘Logos’ as the type of visual that you wish to create, type a few words in simple language to describe your business logo, select the style of the design such as 3D, geometric, minimal etc, choose the colors from the ones that have been provided and then click on the ‘Generate’ button.

Wait for a couple of seconds and Pixelied will generate 2 variants of the logo in the left-side panel based on your words and chosen options. To download the logo to your system, just hover your mouse cursor over the visual and hit the ‘Download’ button. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Add to canvas’ button to insert the visual on the canvas and edit it if required.

Click here to navigate to Pixelied.


5. Ameela

We now come to the last business logo maker in this list namely, Ameela. This is a 100% free and AI-powered logo maker that enables you to create professional logos in just a few seconds. Click on the link below to start using this tool.

Start with typing in the name of your company and then click the Ameela circular button to create a unique logo. To continuously keep making new logos keep pressing the Ameela circular button and create unique logos at a very high speed. For your convenience, Ameela presents the logos on t-shirts, app icons, paper bags, billboards and more so that you can carefully visualize them before you take a decision.

When you finalize a logo and you are happy with it, then you can save it to your system in SVG format by clicking on the down arrow. You must remember that every logo is created only once and you must download it immediately otherwise you may lose the design that appealed to you.

Click here to navigate to Ameela.



Closing Comments:

You can spend some time with each of the above Logo Makers and decide which one of them best suits your requirements. All of them help you to generate and download high-quality logos for your businesses without any watermark.

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