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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Traxmo is a free online project management application that is specially designed for teams and freelancers. This free online task list management tool is very efficient to track various projects, teams or individuals assigned to different tasks, track log-in period, bill clients, etc. It is a complete package for almost any small or medium-sized businesses that are involved with various assignments or projects and have different members working on different or the same task.

Registering at Traxmo Online Project Management Tool:

Visit Traxmo. At home page, you will find ‘get started’ option to sign-up.  Once the email is entered and the button is clicked, this free online project management application asks for password and sends a confirmation to the respective email. The administrator can then add clients, team members, projects, etc. Since it is online, this free online task list management tool allows the administrator to track progress of various tasks in real-time. If you are interested in trying out some more free online project management tool, then you can try Binfire, and Teamplifier.

Traxmo online project management tool

Features and Utilities of Traxmo:

Traxmo has a well-defined interface that is simple to understand. There are 5 options that are reflected on the left of the window in this free online project management application. All the features have been compacted within these 5 options.

  • Team, the fourth option in the list is where one can begin with Traxmo. The team leader can send invitations to the members of his team who have to accept and confirm this invitation in order to co-ordinate work. When the members join a team their names are reflected on the list.  Any new member can be added to any team at any time. However, it is not necessary to have a team, this free online task list management tool can be utilized by any individual to track his/her own time and tasks.

  • Tasks option allows assignment of tasks to various teams or members of a team. Different tasks to different members, one task to different members and different tasks to one member are the possible combinations in which a project can be distributed.  Besides, tasks in a project can be viewed on priority basis or sorted by the individual assignees. There is a drop-down list to filter tasks on the basis of their state of progress. The state of various tasks can be viewed as ‘to-do’, ‘in progress’, ‘done’ and ‘all states’ through the drop-down to the left of search-box.

  • Time is the option where team-members can enter their log-in time, task start or end time, etc. Under this option, time with certain can be logged-in or reminders can be set for future too. Traxmo also let’s you enter weekly log-in hours for different projects or tasks.

  • Projects option is to maintain and track all the projects that the company has.  The number of members working on certain project is visible on the screen and a member can be added to a task anytime to increase the strength of the team to which that project is assigned. Similarly, any project can also be added to the project-list anytime.
  •  Client option is similar to Projects and allows the maintenance of clients’ names, hours spent on their project, chargeable period, etc.  Like Team and Projects, Clients can also be added whenever required.

These options cover almost all the requirements of time tracking, task management and billing the client. Preferences can be adjusted through Preferences. Language, time zone, task mode, week start, currency and tax rate can be adjusted according to respective preferences. Moreover, any change in personal information can be edited through Preferences too.

This free online task list management tool is available in Free and Professional packs. The Free packs a maximum of 5 users, clients, projects and invoices whereas the numbers are unlimited in Professional version. There are discounts offers based on payment and size of the team too. However, plans can be upgraded or downgraded anytime without any compulsion.

Conclusively, this free online project management application is a compact and efficient application that simplifies various team and project management activities. It can be most beneficial for freelance companies or BPOs that undertake assignments from various clients. While there may be software available for large organizations, Traxmo can bring efficiency in small or medium-sized companies that may not be able to afford those high-end systems and software.

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