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Designstripe Crayon is a Free Web Application that you can easily use to Convert any SVG illustration to an Animated Video using a sketch effect that resembles scribbling.

An SVG (Simple Vector Graphics) file is a standard graphics file format that is used on the Internet for depicting two-dimensional images. Unlike Raster Graphics, SVG illustrations, store images as vectors thats based on mathematical formulae. Hence, they are highly scalable without any loss in clarity or resolution of the image.

The output can be exported as a GIF or Lottie file and used as an animated doodle. Lottie is a new open source animation file format that supports tiny and superior quality animated videos.

No prior experience in using any Graphics Editing Applications is required. Using just a few clicks, you can create incredible animated visuals with little or no experience.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Designstripe Crayon using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Drop an SVG file in the circular space provided or click and Upload a file from your local drive.

Upload File

3. Click on ‘Animated’ in the Panel at the left to automatically animate the image by introducing random scribbles in the graphic.

Upload SVG

Add Effects

4. Use the Slider to adjust the speed of the animation.

5. Select the type of fill as ‘Solid fill’ or ‘Hatching Fill’. Hatch fills are vector lines and scribbles that fill the spaces in a graphic.

6. Use the Distortion Slider to increase or decrease the Animation Distortion Effects for the whole of the image. The real time changes can be visualized at the right side of the panel.

7. Use the Boldness slider to increase or decrease the boldness (thickness) of the scribbles.

8. In case, you have selected Hatch Filling above, you can change the angle of the Hatch Fill using the Hatching Angle slider.

9. Once you are happy and satisfied with the animation effects, click on Export and then click on Export as GIF or Export as Lottie to save the file in your local disk in the required format.

Export Video

Final Comments:

Designstripe Crayon is a cute and impressive online tool to animate SVG graphics using randomly sketched scribbles and export the video as a GIF or Lottie file.

Click here to navigate to the tool and create your first animated doodle automatically.

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