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Storytailor is an amazing online AI-powered tool that enables you to generate personalized stories that excite your emotions, arouse your creativity and bridge various cultures. You can easily choose a story type that awards you that emotional or educational connections ranging from bedtime narratives to fairy tales and growth stories.

You can customize the story settings, tone, theme, character traits and more. Right from fanciful wanderings to lunar adventures and Chinese voyages each story is replete with bespoke artwork, fascinating titles and engaging activities. Since the stories are immersive and tailored to their personalities and interests, the children can visualize themselves in the narratives and enhance their language and exploration and skill development coupled with pleasure and enjoyment.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Storytailor and and sign up for a free account using your Google credentials.

2. Select a story type such as Basic, Bedtime or Educational story. Excepting Basic, all the latter ones two are available only in the paid version of Storytailor.

Select story type

3. Input the Title of the story, Provide a short summary and click on ‘Bring My Story to Life’.

Story details

4. Wait for some time while Storytailor processes the inputs and uses its AI to craft an enchanting story for you along with a short summary.

5. Once the story is presented on the screen you can click anywhere and edit it if required.

Story with summary

6. To save the story to your library for future reading, click on the ‘Save Story’ button. Once you save the story, you can click on the ‘Share’ button to download it in the PDF format, share it with others through a web link or share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

My Library


7. Browse to the bottom of the story and you can observe some handy creative tips for visual story telling as well as engaging tips for fun and adventure.


Closing Thoughts:

We should always try to believe in a world where children can see themselves reflected in the stores that they read. Storytailor is a wonderful effort in this regard. Using the transformative power of AI, Storytailor can create highly personalized narratives and tales that celebrate the richness and diversity of the world that we live in and stir emotions in the children.

Parents, Educators, Child Therapists etc can use this tool to choose a story type that connects with children emotionally as well as educationally and guide them with enjoyment and learning.

Click here to navigate to Storytailor and step into a world of magic.

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