Free AI Stock Photos Generator using Stable Diffusion: GhostlyStock

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GhostlyStock is a free online Stock Photo Generator that uses Stable Diffusion to create images from text that you can download in PNG format and use wherever you require. You can utilize these images for your blogs, website, social media, advertisements and more absolutely free of cost as there is no copyright on them.

Stable Diffusion was developed in 2022 by Stability AI and is a text-to-image, deep learning model that uses natural language text descriptions to produce detailed images. It is truly considered to be a breakthrough in speed and quality because the model can run on normal consumer GPUs. (graphics processing unit)

How it Works:

The working is extremely simple and straightforward

1. Navigate to GhostlyStock using the link that we have provided at the end of this article,

2. Carefully type the text depending upon the image that you wish to be generated and press Enter.

Type text for image

3. You can use the drop-down at the right to choose what is it that you wish to generate, photo, illustration, or render.

4. The results will be displayed in just a few seconds along with related keywords and searches to feed you more ideas.

Flying Dog

Hobbit dancing in rain

5. You can click on any image for an enlarged view. To download any image in the PNG format, click on the download icon at the bottom right of the image.

Download image

Closing Comments:

There are quite a few websites that use AI to generate image from text but GhostlyStock has an edge due to the fact that it uses the Stable Diffusion model that produces images faster and more efficiently as compared to the other AI models and also runs on consumer hardware that is equipped with a modest GPU.

Click here to navigate to GhostlyStock

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