How to get Updates from YouTube Channels without Google Account

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YouTube Viewer is a Chrome Extension that keeps a track of your favorite YouTube channels without the need of a Google Account. Multiple channels can be added without any hassles and you can get notified about newly posted videos. All this and more without the need of any Google Account.

The application is also available as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge as well as, a Web App. All the relevant links have been provided at the end of this article.

How it Works:

  1. Search for the desired channel using keywords

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2. Select the channel(s) to be added. Multiple channels can be added simultaneously.

YouTube Channels added

3. Videos of the added channels can be watched in YouTube viewer itself (PIP mode) on the Home Screen, or can be opened in YouTube depending on the user.

You can mark videos to be watched later and those are available on the ‘Watch Later’ tab. The Chrome Extension checks for new videos every 30 minutes if Notifications are enabled in Settings.

A helpful feature of this Extension is that a list of channels can be imported from another user by asking him to export his list by way of a file. In case of prolonged screen times, you can enable the Dark Mode via ‘Settings’ to reduce eye strain and blue light exposure.

YouTube Viewer: Dark Mode

The Channel list can be rearranged in a specified order using the 3-dots menu in the ‘Channels’ tab.


  1. Multiple channels cannot be deleted together.
  2. There is no way by which selected channels may be exported.
  3. The ‘Recent’ tab does not show a list of the recently watched videos.


Overall this is a very good application to track your YouTube channels easily without a Google account. It could do with a few more improvisations. Download the Chrome extension here. Click here for Firefox add-on, and here for MS Edge add-on. Use this link, to try it as a Web Application before installing.

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