3 Online Treemap Maker Websites Free

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This article covers 3 free online treemap maker websites.

Treemapping is a method of data representation that uses nested rectangles to show hierarchical data. A treemap chart categorized the data parameters by color and proximity. These charts are very helpful to spot patterns in huge datasets like best selling items in a store, most populated cities around the world, etc.

Here are 3 free online treemap maker websites. These websites are online editors where you can make various types of charts, diagrams, infographics, etc. to visualize datasets. You can easily make treemap chart with these editors and customize its parameters as per your requirements. So, let’s check out these online diagram editors one by one.

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Here Are 3 Free Treemap Maker Websites:


free online treemap maker

RawGraphs.io is an open source data visualization tool where you can easily make visual representations of complex data. With this tool, you can make treemap online within four simple steps. The first step is to add data. You can paste your data here, upload a file, fetch it from a URL. This tool also provides some data samples which you can try. After adding the data, the next step is to choose what diagram you want to make. To make treemap diagram, simply look for Treemap and select it.

In the third step, you have to map your data. This tool lists all the parameters from your data and shows their data types along with their names. Besides these data parameters, it shows you 4 treemap parameters; Hierarchy, Size, Color, and Label. Here, you can drag and drop a data parameter to treemap parameter and map the dimensions. In the last step, you can customize the treemap visualization. You can define the treemap size, padding, color scale for the treemap. This way, you can make your treemap here and download it as an SVG, PNG, or JSON file. This tool also generates an SVG embed code snippet which you can add into your HTML code to embed the treemap on a webpage.

You can try this online treemap maker website here.


make treemap online free

Visual-Paradigm has an online diagram editor where you can make various types of diagrams, charts, infographics, and more. To make treemap with this editor, create a new diagram and select Treemap under Charts category. For the Treemap chart, this tool shows you 5 templates with sample data along with an option to create a blank treemap.

When you open a treemap template, this editor loads a spreadsheet for data input and shows you a preview of the treemap. You can paste your data in this sheet or import data from an Excel file. As you add the data to the sheet, this editor visualizes it in the treemap preview. With the Gear-shaped icon at the top, you can open the customization options where you can enter treemap name and choose colors for series. After making the treemap here, you can either save it your Visual-Paradigm account, Google Drive, or export to your computer.

Make treemap online with Visual-Paradigm here.


online treemap maker

Infogram.com is another online editor to make infographics, charts, maps, diagrams, and more. It is a freemium editor where you can make diagrams and share them online. You can also email it to a specific person and generate embed codes to add it to domains. Although you need a subscription plan to download your diagrams.

To make a treemap with Infogram, log in to your account and go to the Library section. In the Library, look for the treemap template and click it to open in the editor. In the editor, click on the treemap to open the input data sheet and paste your data. You can also import CSV, Excel file from your computer, a document from Google Drive, and a JSON file from the web. In the datasheet, you can select the color for each parameter as well.

This editor offers many customization options for the treemap. You can choose a stylish theme for the chart, change its size, and add a footer. You can also set the sorting for the parameters, change label position, and animate the treemap chart.

Give this online treemap maker website a try here.

Final Verdict

These are the 3 free online treemap maker websites. You can use any of these websites to create treemap charts online. RawGraphics is absolutely free and simple to use but doesn’t offer much customization options. The other two websites are freemium services which do offers customization options but have other limitations. Check them out and let us know which one you prefer.

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