Schedule Android Notifications to Stay Focused with this Free App

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This article covers a free Android app to schedule Android notifications. From a productivity standpoint, the notifications are distracting. The more apps you have, the more notifications you get. Earlier, an app could deliver as many notifications it wants. But, the recent Android OS (Pie & Q) finally answered this problem through app notification management. So, yes, you can silents and disable annoying notifications but notifications are notifications, no matter how prior or non-prior a notification is, it still gonna create an interruption.

Daywise is a free Android app that lets you schedule notifications on an Android phone. This app lets you create up to 4 notifications batches which hold all the notifications and deliver them when the current batch time occurs. This way, you can stay distraction-free without worrying and focus on work. In case some notifications are important to you, you can allow respective apps to show notifications instantly instead of moving it to batch. Similarly, you can whitelist particular contacts as well. So, let’s check out how it works in details.

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Schedule Android Notifications and Stay Distraction-free

Daywise is designed to help you stay focused on work without any or minimal interruption from the phone. It delivers notifications that are important to you and hides the rest which you can check later.

Pick Notifications Batches


When you launch this app for the first time, it shows you 4 notification batches with timing; Morning, Lunch, Evening, and Night. These batches collect all the notifications for you and show them on respective batch time. From here, you can customize the batch time to fit in your schedule. Once done, you can continue to the app.

Note: In order to make this app work, you have to give it the Read Notification Permissions which is prompted while initial setup. You can do the same from the app settings as well.

Apps Rules


After the notification batches, the next thing this app shows you is an app list. It contains two separate sections Instant and Batched. The apps under Instant section shows the notification immediately. Whereas, the notifications of the Batched section apps get schedules in the current batch. From here, you can organize your apps in these sections as per your priorities. Simply tap and hold on an app and it gives you the option to move it to another section. This way, you can create a curated Instant app lists and move the less-prior apps to Batched.

The initial setup of this app ends here. After these steps, it’ll schedule your notifications and deliver them in the notifications batches.

Contacts Rules


Apart from the apps, you can also prioritize notifications for specific contacts. From the Assistant section of the app, you can create People Rules where you can sort your contact in an Instant and Batched list. This is similar to the app list.

Check Notification Batch


The main Inbox section of the app shows you the timing of the current batch. If a batch is over, it shows you all the pending notifications otherwise it shows you count down to the batch. From here, you can also pause the batching for a selected period of time. You can use this feature to get all the notifications instantly without messing with the notification batches or app list.

Phone Usage Habit


Along with all that, this app can also track your phone usage habit. This feature is available in the Insights section and needs Usage Access permission to track your usage. It gives you the notification counts including Instant and Batched notifications. It also tracks how much time you have spent on your phone and how much you spend away from the phone and visualize that on a time graph.

Wrap Up

Daywise is a nice app that allows you to stay focused and calm by scheduling your notifications. It lets you live interruption-free by hiding all the extra notifications and delivering only the important ones.  If you are also annoyed by notifications all the time, do give this app a try and share your experience with us in the comments.

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