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Actual Chat is an amazing application that transforms your digital communication experience through the seamless integration of real-time audio with quick transcription and AI assistance. It easily proves to be an ideal too to enhance your ability to connect and build relationships like never before and hence it is ideal for family chats, business discussions, meetings daily interactions and more.

Through Actual Chat, any spoken (recorded) content can be automatically transcribed and promptly delivered to the recipient in real time as both voice and text. This instant transcription encourages heightened awareness of speech clarity, filler word usage phrasing and more. Users can opt to either listen to the recorded audio or read the chat transcript. Additionally, responses to messages can be generated by typing or recording one’s voice, all without the pressures associated with traditional phone calls.

Actual Chat offers the convenience to start speaking right away if you have joined the chat session early and catch up swiftly if you arrive late, thanks to the chat history that is always available even for recorded conversations. This is a very handy and crucial feature in Actual Chat, considering that calls often come with unspoken urgency or context. By doing so, Actual Chat enables you to navigate away from the pressures of traditional calls, promoting more meaningful and engaging communication.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Actual Chat and then click on ‘Get App’ at the top right.

2. Install the application based on your operating system such as Android, Windows (Microsoft Store), iOS or sign in to the Web app.

3. Windows users must ensure that the latest version of .NET Desktop Runtime has been installed in their system. If it has not been installed, the users will be prompted with the precise link to install it in their system.

4. Next, launch the application and ensure that the permissions to access the microphone are granted.

5. You can observe that three groups have been created by default for you – Friends, Family and Notes. You can click on the ‘+’ sign the top left of the window to create a new Public / Private chat. A private chat can be joined only if the person has an invite link while anyone can join a public chat using its web link.


6. Click on the Friends or Family group to open the chat and you will notice the invite link to the chat in the right-side pane. You can copy and share it with your friends or family members who can access the link in their browser. This will launch the Actual Chat web app where you must click on the ‘Join this Chat’ button to join the respective chat.

Invite Link

7. To send a text message, simply type it and press ‘Enter’. To record your voice, simply click the ‘Start Recording’ button to the right of the headphone icon and speak into the microphone.

Recording icon

8. You will observe that your voice will be automatically transcribed and the recorded audio as well as the transcribed text will be delivered to the recipient.

9. The receiver can hover the mouse cursor over the message and click on the ‘Play’ button to hear the recorded message. If you wish to instantly hear the recorded message after it has been delivered, click on the ‘headphone’ icon at the bottom right to activate the ‘Listen’ feature.

Listen to audio

10. To reply to the text message, copy its content, forward it, use emojis in the reply and more, hover your mouse cursor over the message and click on the 3-dots icon to access the mini-tool bar.

3-dots menu

11. To configure the Transcription Language, click on the ‘Voice Settings’ icon at the bottom right of the Actual Chat window.

Closing Comments:

In general, Actual Chat appears to be an excellent application designed to enhance communication with your family, friends, and team members. It effortlessly transcribes spoken content and promptly conveys it to the recipient in both voice and text formats in real time. The response too can be sent as text or voice without any pressure of traditional phone calls.

Actual Chat distinguishes itself as a family chat application, by allowing you to communicate with your entire family without troubling them with frequent calls. Additionally, it serves as an excellent storytelling platform for friends, colleagues, and others, as the details of the narration can be captured in both voice and text. For remote teams and onsite crews, Actual Chat proves valuable in enhancing team communication by providing prompt and detailed responses, replacing lengthy meetings with efficient chats and recorded messages.

Go ahead and try out the product and do write to us with your feedback. Click here to install Actual Chat in your system.

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