Windows 8 Lifestyle app To Discover and Connect With Dance Lovers

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Learn to dance is a free Windows 8 lifestyle app. Using it you can find and connect to people who have interest in dancing. If you love dancing, then this is an app for you. You can not only find the good sources from where you can learn more about your hobby, but also share the information you found using the Windows 8 share charm. Plus, the app also has an inbuilt catalog of dancing shoes, using which you can find and buy your favorite dancing shoe.

The app is also a social app, because using the app you can discover new people in Twitter and view their tweets on dance and connect to them, all from within the app itself.

I’d Rather be Dancing

The app is present under the Lifestyle Category in Windows Store and is published by HCL America Inc. It is a good Windows 8 app, that helps you find and connect with people who have same interest as you do.

Find people who love dance and connect with them using this Windows 8 lifestyle app:

The app does have a good concept: bringing people who love to dance together, and help them find more. Along with this, the app is also well made. The app has a good design, and this makes it easy to use. It groups it’s functionalities in the form of labels in the Main Screen. The labels include: Insight of Interests, Twitter Chatter, Of Interest, and Needs & Wants.

The Insight of Interest basically lists some good dancing videos, and some are even funny videos; which, you can simply watch to kill some free time or may be learn some new steps. However, the app doesn’t plays these videos within the app and opens the videos in the web browser. That’s a set back for the app.

I’d Rather be Dancing - tweets about dancing

The Twitter Chatter, actually shows the tweets about dance, by the people who are in Twitter and love dancing. Clicking on these tweets opens that person’s account and tweets in the app itself. That is, in a way the app is integrated with Twitter. So you can simply log into Twitter and then follow the person, and also you can use Twitter the way you do in browser, without even opening web browser.

I’d Rather be Dancing - opening twitter profile

This Windows 8 lifestyle app can also be thought of as an learning app, because the app consists of some good popular websites that are related to learning more about hobbies and discovering some new hobbies. The websites are present under the “Of Interest” label in main screen and consists of:,,,, and You can open any of these websites inside the app itself. Simply click on the website you want to open, and then browse and learn more about your hobby; and discover some more.

I’d Rather be Dancing - opening hobby website in the app

A cool thing with the “Of Interest” label is you can add some more hobby related websites in the app, besides the 5 default websites. To do that, simply click on the “Of Interest” label, you’ll get navigated to next screen. Simply right-click on the screen and click on Add link button and then paste the website URL.

I’d Rather be Dancing - adding new website

The app also consists of a catalog from where you can buy dancing shoes, for every single occasion. Simply click on any of the shoes present under the Needs & Wants label in main screen, to view the product’s detail and to buy it. If you want to see more of the shoes, simply click on the Needs & Wants label, you’ll get directed to next screen showing more of the products; showing their brief detail and the prices.

I’d Rather be Dancing - shopping and sharing

A really good thing in the app is it is supported with Windows 8 Share charm. Whatever content and information you’ll find inside the labels of the app can be shared using Windows 8 Share charm. Besides these all the app is easy to work and navigate. There’s no confusion while using the app and even if you get lost, then you can get back to main screen by simply clicking on the back button on top left corner of screen.

Key features of this Windows 8 lifestyle app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 lifestyle app.
  • Discover, follow, and connect to people who love dancing from around the world.
  • Learn more about dancing by using the 5 hobbies websites inside the app.
  • Buy products using the app’s catalog.
  • Share information using Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Good UI design.

Final note:

I’d Rather be Dancing is a good Windows 8 lifestyle app and a good medium to connect with people who love dancing. Though, it does lacks some features, like playing video tutorials inside the app, search feature, and an option using which you can find out some dancing events nearby your location. Still it’s a good start and serves it’s purpose well. All in all a good app to try.

Get I’d Rather be Dancing here.

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