Share Documents Privately with this Blockchain based Document Manager

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This article covers a blockchain-based document manager that lets you share documents privately. There are lots of online services which you can use to store your documents but BlockDoc provides you a secure and fully encrypted place for safekeeping your documents online.

It is a blockchain-based document manager where you can upload your documents for safekeeping. This service is built upon Blockstack which is a blockchain-powered platform for decentralized apps. Being a decentralized service, BlockDoc provides complete user and data privacy with no third party involvement. You can upload your PDF and Image document files to this service and keep them safe forever. There is no file size or storage limit. You can upload and generate a sharing link to privately share documents with others in view-only mode.

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Blockchain-based Document Manager: BlockDoc

BlockDoc uses the popular blockchain platform BlockStack. So, to use this encrypted document manager, you need a Blockstack ID. If you don’t have a Blockstack ID, you can create one here. After creating the ID, open BlockDoc website and login with your Blockstack ID. Upon successful log, it takes you the document manager where you can upload your documents for safekeeping and private sharing.

blockchain-based document sharing service

This secure document manager has a very simple user interface. It gives you an upload button on the top left corner from where you can upload your documents. It does not support bulk upload as of now but you can upload multiple documents one by one. Also, it only supports PDF and image files, no DOC or XLS files.

Private Sharing

encrypted document sharing service

All the uploaded documents have actions alongside their names. From the actions, you can download, delete, view, and share the documents. The share option opens a popup where you get a share link to privately share the documents. You can just send that link to others and share the document with them without the involvement of any third party. If the other person also has a Blockstack ID, you can share the document with their Blockstack ID and there won’t be any need for a link.

secure document sharing service with private sharing

The people with whom you share the document can only view the document on this website. They, won’t be able to clone or download the file. This way, you can not only keep your documents safe only but can also share them in a safe and encrypted environment.

Give it a try here.

Wrap Up

BlockDoc is a nice online document manager that provides you with a fully encrypted and secure place to keep your important document file safe. Instead of having unwanted hefty features, it provides you a neat and simple interface with handy private document sharing. Since it uses the blockchain-based decentralized network, your files are safe forever.

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