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If this then that is a free online task manager web app. Online task management is a big hurdle and if then this that is your free online task manager, which is constantly at your service. Remember like Alfred in Batman? It integrates various accounts of the user and performs certain prescribed tasks. There are not many online task manager apps which allow you to integrate your Facebook account with the Twitter account.


Say, somebody wants to pull their images from Instagram and post them in Facebook or twitter. Or, post a tweet in your Facebook. If this then that does all that, and for free. It’s convenient even if you forget something. There are many similar recipes available on this online task management website. The internet really works for you as the site claims.

Another easy example is if you are tagged in a photo on Facebook then the that part you want is to create a status update on Facebook. This can easily be set as a task with ifttt, so everytime someone tags you in a photo on Facebook, ifttt will automatically create a new Facebook status update.

All you have to do is create a simple task and let this online task manager work for you. When you perform the if part, then the that part comes into action. It’s done in the wink of an eye.

Features of  this Online Task Manager:

  • Simple to use, it’s an uncluttered site.
  • Easy instructions, Do It Yourself.
  • Automated recipes, pick out from the 100 recipes other users have created. If the recipe matches your need or you want a new idea, If this then that has a lot of options.
  • Image pulling, it extracts photos from your photo sharing account and posts it on the social networking websites you prefer to post.
  • It’s fast, the speed is unmistakable.

Instructions to use if this then that:

  • Sign up for ifttt.
  • After creating an account with ifttt, all you have to do is click on create task.
  • Click on this.
  •  Then provide the that part.
  •  Your task is created.
  •  When you perform the this end of the task, the that end is automatically performed by ifttt.


  • If you want, you could make your task into a new recipe as well.

To sum it all up, Ifttt is a website which is your online task manager as well. It can multi task for you while you can just surf the net at peace.

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