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O RLY Book Cover Meme Generator lets you create parody book covers online in form of O’Reilly books. You can use various animals and enter funny messages to create O RLY book cover memes.

O RLY Book Cover Meme Generator is an online module at dev.to. The final output is an image, which can be downloaded in PNG format.

This O RLY book cover generator opens as displayed above. There are six information fields with a guide text placement field.

Title: Enter the desired title for the book in this field. It will be shown in the center with the colored background.

Top Text: Top Text is kind of a quote; it will be shown on the top of the cover.

Author: Enter author’s name or anything regarding that in this field. It’ll be shown at the bottom right corner of the cover.

Animal Code: Picture of an animal will be added to the cover as feature image. There are 40 pictures of different animals. These can be used in the cover by entering their corresponding number in this field.

Color Code: This field is for selecting the background color for the title. The choice is limited though, as there are only sixteen predefined colors. A number is designated to every available color. You can use any color by entering the corresponding number of that color.

Guide Text: Guide Text defines the title of the book, it gives the idea about the book.

Guide Text Placement: This field is used to set the position of the Guide Text. There are four options for that. The Guide Text will be positioned around the title.

guide text

How To Generate O RLY Book Cover Meme?

Go to O RLY webpage. Seven information fields will be shown along with the preview of the cover. These fields resemble the data available on O’Reilly book covers. Enter the desired information in those fields. Choose an animal and a color for your cover. If you don’t choose any animal and color, it will choose randomly for you. Select where you want to place your Guide Text.

After filling all that information, click on Generate O RLY. It will generate a cover corresponding to your information. You can download the book cover meme as PNG.

Closing Words:

O RLY is a nice free cover book meme generator created for fun. It is basic and easy to use and generates book cover memes in form of O’Reilly book covers. Choices are limited for colors and pictures. There is only one template for the cover. Overall it’s easy and fun to use, and you can create your own memes.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 4 Average: 3.8]
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