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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is an online learning website, that is designed to help students to learn and teachers to teach. Using this learning website you can create lessons (called collections) that can consist of videos, interactive games, tests, and more. You can then assign them to students. You can also use the search feature of the website to find course materials, and apply filters on search results, and finally add these course materials to collections.

This is a really good website for the teachers to help them teach students. You can share collections with students by using the share link of collection options provided by the website, create classpages, that consists of different assignments created from collections (lessons), and then assign them to students for checking their involvement and progress.

The students in turn can simply open the assigned assignments by opening the classpage and then, answering the questions of an assignment.

Help students learn using this online learning website:

Goorulearning is a pretty good learning website for teachers and students alike. It has got everything for both. The students can find hundreds of study materials and these includes: videos lessons, interactive games, questionnaires, textbooks lessons, handouts, slides, exams etc. or they can simply complete the assignments that were given by teachers. On the other hand the teachers can simply log into the website and then search lessons and create collection of lessons (that can help them teach in classes), or create an assignment of the collections and, add them in the classpage in order to give assignments to students and track student involvement and performance. - signup

This is a good website and covers almost all the subjects. You can find English, Science, Math, Social Science, World History, Earth Science, and more in the website. Every study material is free. There’s no need to log into the website just for finding lessons/collections, viewing them, and assigning them. However in order to create assignments and classpages, you have to get one. You can sign-up using Gmail account credentials or a valid email address. - search, filter, and search results

Simply use the search field to find the desired lesson (collection) and then use the filters on the right to find the desired lesson. Once you got the collection, you can view it by simply clicking on it, and once the collection finishes, you can either assign it to students by clicking on Assign button or share in Facebook or Twitter using Share button. - assign, cutomize, and share collection

You can also add collections in a collections group. Go to the search result page and, simply click-drag desired lesson towards top left corner. - creating collection group

Once you login successfully, create a classpage by clicking on Tech tab in the top right corner of interface and then click on New Classpage button. Your classpage gets created in seconds. Next is adding assignments to classpage. Click on New Assignment button, and then fill up the details. Once the assignment gets created click on Add a collection to assign button, this opens a sub-window, simply select desired collection (that you added earlier by drag drop method) and click Add. - classpage, assignments, and collections

Each classpage has a class code associated with it. Simply give this code to the students, so that they can open up the lesson, using class code and complete assignments. You can then view their performance by clicking on Organize tab button (at top left) and then click on Collection Analyst button.

Key features of this learning website:

  • Good online learning website.
  • Search, view, and share study resources made up of videos, games, questionnaires , textbooks lessons etc.
  • Add resources into collections and create assignments of them.
  • Create class pages.
  • Interactive learning website
  • View and organize your collections and lessons.
  • Check students progress.

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Conclusion: certainly is a pretty good learning website. It’s simple, easy to use, and informative. It makes learning easy by providing video lessons, games, questionnaires, lessons etc. All in all, a great website that helps teachers and students.

Try here.

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