Free tool by F-Secure to Check if a Website is Safe for Shopping Season

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For countless consumers worldwide, November marks the beginning of a frenzied period of shopping and spending. Although major online shopping events allure large crowds, they also entice a surge of counterfeit e-commerce websites meticulously crafted to extract more than what you might save.

These counterfeit online shopping platforms are developed by scammers and fraudsters and mimic authentic e-commerce stores. They are solely crafted to steal your earnings, passwords, or personal details. Such deceptive sites are established with the intention of catching unsuspecting individuals who may come across them on the internet. Many resort to phishing scams, such as sending scam emails, texts, and social media ads, to entice potential victims to visit the fraudulent site.

Unfortunately, fraudulent online shopping sites emerge regularly, with some being detected and closed down by government authorities. In this article, we will explore a tool called F-Secure Online Shopping Checker that has been designed to assist you in preventing exploitation when you engage in online shopping.

F-Secure Online Shopping Checker is a free tool that allows you to verify the safety of a shopping website. Simply paste the URL of the shopping site, and let the tool do the work as it scans the URL against a comprehensive database of shopping websites and shows the results. These are based on millions of websites that have been thoroughly analyzed earlier. The following are some of the things that are analyzed:

  1. Technical factors such as the popularity of the website, its operational history, redirections, backlinks, server details, search engine blocking, SSL certificate, and various other aspects.
  2. Reviews and comments on review sites and social media.
  3. External information, including data from DNS filters and trust assessments conducted by international organizations.
  4. Website security and site action reports carefully analyzed by security experts.


1. Click on this link to navigate to F-Secure online Shopping Checker. You are not required to register or sign up for an account to use this tool.

2. Paste the URL of the shopping site that you wish to check and then hit the button ‘Check website safety’.

Paste URL

3. Wait for some time while the tool scans the URL against huge database of known shopping sites and displays the results.

All good


4. Based on the results you can easily decide whether the eCommerce site is secure for making purchases or if it should be avoided.


Closing Comments:

The F-Secure Online Shopping Checker is a free tool for confirming the safety of a shopping website. Just paste the URL of the shopping site, and let the tool compare it against an extensive database of shopping websites. The results will help you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with shopping on the specified website or avoid it.

Click here to navigate to F-Secure Online Shopping Checker.

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