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LinkSafe is an online service that you can use to secure your links (URLs) in order to protect valuable content and filter out the malicious traffic that is affecting your web analytics. The service is secure, fast and absolutely free for lifetime.

It is a known fact that bots and malicious traffic are slowly turning into a big menace for the world wide web. The number of bots and bot networks are increasing by leaps and bounds and turning more and more sophisticated each year. Due to this, the quality of genuine traffic to your website goes down along with the search engine rankings and the efficacy of web analytics. If you are able to filter out these bots and malicious traffic, you will be able to do a better SEO, your search engine rankings may rise up along with an improvement in the quality of web traffic.

Here is exactly where LinkSafe comes in handy. It works much the same way as generating any other short link. You simply need to enter the URL that you wish to secure and LinkSafe automatically creates a unique and secure link instantly for you. When you try navigating to this secure link, you will be faced with a reCAPTCHA challenge which you must pass in order to be forwarded to the actual URL. Bots will find it impossible to defeat this challenge and hence will be filtered out unable to reach the destination URL.

How it Works:

1. If you already have a shortened link from such as put an ‘s’ in front of It so that it becomes You link is now automatically secured by LinkSafe and when anyone tries to navigate to it, they will be faced with a reCAPTCHA challenge in order to verify that they are a real human and not a bot.

2. If your link is not shortened by, then copy and paste it in the space provided on the Link Safe page and click on ‘Generate Secure Link’. The URL for LinkSafe is provided at the end of this article.
Type Website URL

Secure link generated

3. Your original link will be used to create two secure links for the same destination URL and anyone of them can be shared. One link is generated using ‘’ and the other using ‘’. Like earlier, anyone who accesses this links will be faced with a reCAPTCHA challenge that has to be answered.

Access Secure Link

4. Click on ‘Copy’ and Share the secure links with people the same way as you would share any other link and you will find that the quality of genuine traffic to your website will start rising instantly.

Closing Comments:

LinkSafe is a great boon for content creators, website developers and more to protect their cherished content and filter our bots and spurious traffic thereby ensuring that the clicks on your website are actually from real human beings. It thus causes an improvement in the quality of website traffic resulting into a better SEO and enhanced search engine rankings.

Click here to navigate to LinkSafe and start securing your assets.

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