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Checklisty is a free Online User Onboarding Software based on SaaS, that lets you create and execute Onboarding Checklists (tasks) for users and track completion rates of each task. It also helps you to experiment with a variety of incentives to figure out what particularly motivates the users to complete these tasks.

These checklists are very handy for customers to complete the tasks and get rewarded with discounts, extensions in trials and more. Authentic research has shown that users are more likely to act if they understand what comes next. Hence if they are provided with a well-defined sequence of steps, with rewards for accomplishing each step, the user engagement and the process of onboarding is smooth with faster response times and an increase in product adoption.

Once the Checklists are ready, you can define and connect the tasks and set the conditional triggers for their execution. Finally, you can publish your checklist and embed it in your application using Webhook. This is a lightweight API that allows a one-way data sharing between applications, triggered by specific events.

With Checklisty, you can also find out precisely where the users dropped off during the process of onboarding and get them back. This effectively helps to increase trial conversion and speeds up the process of Onboarding.

Checklisty has some very helpful features that make the onboarding process extremely simple yet engaging.

  • The setup is very quick and simple. Even the Advanced Setup doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of coding. You could be up and running in a minimum of 5 minutes to start the onboarding process.
  • You can track all the activities related to completion of each task and reward the users for fulfilling certain specific ones that may be very crucial for onboarding. This helps you to find out which tasks have the least completion rates and attach better incentives to them to increase the percentage of completion.
  • You can incentivize all your users to complete their onboarding tasks by extending their trial periods, gifting discount vouchers and coupons and a lot more. This is carried out using integration with Stripe, an online payment processing platform for businesses.
  • You can allow users to directly access the Onboarding help videos and documents from anywhere, thereby improving their experience.

How it works:

1. Navigate to Checklisty using the link provided at the end of this article and Sign up for a New Account.

2. Go to the Checklist Visual Editor by clicking on ‘Create Checklist’

Checklist Editor

3. Assign a name to the Onboarding checklist, select any of the available templates and click on ‘Create’ to bring up the ‘Content’ tab of your checklist editor

Create Checklist

4. Click on ‘Edit’ and provide the ‘Checklist Completion Message’ and the number of days in which the checklist will disappear after completion.

Checklist Content

5. Click on ‘Add Step’ and add all the events associated with the checklist, such as ‘Create your first account’, ‘Configure your account’, ‘Launch your first campaign’ etc. Each event should be assigned a Name and an ‘Event code’ for tracking the event. The name that you specify for the ‘Event code’ will be used in the front-end code in the function that tracks the specific task.

Add Step

6. For each Step, click on ‘More’, type the ‘Navigation Link’ and select if you wish to track this Event by enabling ‘Track on Click’. You can also provide a YouTube video link to help the user in accomplishing this step.

7. Click on ‘Save’ once you have finished adding all the required steps.

Saved Steps

8. Click on the ‘Customize’ tab to change the colors of your template, appearance of buttons and more.

Customize template

9. Click on ‘Configure’ to perform the integrations with Webhook and Stripe so that you can embed it in your application and enable and configure incentivization of tasks.

Configure Integrations

10. Click on ‘Publish’ and type the URL to Display the Checklist and activate it. You can toggle between ‘Simple Setup’ and ‘Advanced Setup’ to Publish your Checklist. Simple Setup works out-of-the-box without any development and supplies a pre-configured Widget code for your website. Advanced Setup which requires some amount of coding on the application front-end.



Checklisty is a powerful platform for building and executing Onboarding Checklists for a variety of products and services. The incentivization features for selected tasks and task tracking help companies increase user engagement and offer a smooth experience to the customers during the process of onboarding. Checklisty is also unique, in that, it helps to increase trail conversion by detecting where the users are dropping off during the Onboarding process.

Click here to try out Checklisty for your Onboarding Process.

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