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CodeBattle is a free online interactive platform that enables you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues to solve Coding and Algorithm problems to enhance your learning and knowledge through teamwork as well as experience the fun of competing. Rather than studying and understanding programming in isolation, you can join forces with others so that learning becomes exciting and enjoyable and keeps you engaged throughout the process. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this platform has scope for all to discover and grow with new challenges and questions being added on a constant basis.

CodeBattle works by way of Rooms – Easy, Medium and Hard. In an Easy Room, you get 30 minutes to solve 3 easy problems. In a Medium room, you must solve 1 easy and 2 medium problems in 40 minutes, while the Hard room gives you 50 minutes to solve 2 medium and 1 hard problem.

You are free to create a new room and invite your friends or colleagues through a web link or you can join an existing room as per your desire. Subsequently you must solve the 3 coding or algorithm related problems in the prescribed time based on the difficulty level of the room that you have created or joined.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link navigate to CodeBattle and sign up for a free account using your Google credentials.

2. To view the existing rooms, click on ‘Active Rooms’ at the top of the page and browse through the available of rooms. The list shows the Name of the Contest, Number of participants, Time left, Difficult level and Status (Live or Yet to Start). To join any room, click on ‘Join’. Next, click the ‘Ready’ button to join the queue and once 50% of participants are ready, the contest will start in 2 minutes. To copy the invite link, click on the ‘Share’ icon at the extreme right of the Room.

Active Rooms

3. You can also create a new Room from the main page of CodeBattle by choosing the Difficulty Level and clicking on the ‘Create Room’ button.

Create new room

4. The Problems Page is divided into 3 vertical panes. The left most pane comprises of 3 tabs: Problems, Submissions and Solutions.

CodeBattle interface

5. The Problems tab provides the description of the Problem along with an Explanation, Examples, Constraints, Input format and more.

Problems Pane

6. The middle pane is the actual workspace where you must solve the problem by typing your Code. You can change the Programming Language using the dropdown at the top right of this pane. The Console is available towards the lower half of this pane.

Code pane

7. The right most pane displays the status of the room, time left to solve the problems and a ‘Scoreboard’ link that you can click to see the Scores, Ranks, Bonus and more.

Scoreboard pane

8. As stated earlier, 3 questions are provided in each room based on the difficulty level that you have chosen. You can browse through the questions by hitting the left / right arrow marks at the top right of the pane.

9. After you go through the details of the Problem, you must type your code in the middle pane and use click the ‘Run’ button in the Console area to Test it. Once you are satisfied that your solution is correct, you can click on ‘Submit’. Repeat the same process for each of the 3 questions that you are required to answer in the room.


10. You can anytime click on the Scoreboard button in the right most pane to view the Current Ranks and the respective Scores.


11. To view the Leaderboard, click on its link at the top of the page. It gives you a scoreboard showing the Name, Country and Present points of the leading competitors in CodeBattle.


12. You can click on your Account name at the top right of the CodeBattle page to view and analyze your performance till date along with your Rank and Score. It also displays the information about the number of Problems that you have solved in different rooms, Time graphs and your list of Submissions.

Performance Scoreboard

Closing Thoughts:

I feel that CodeBattle is a great platform to compete, solve and test your coding skills in collaboration with others. It provides a very engaging and interactive experience as you can work in conjunction with others and learn the art of Coding and Algorithms with a new level of excitement and speed.

Go ahead and battle it out and do give us feedback about your experience and learning process. Click here to navigate to CodeBattle.

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