Find Trail Routes For Running Through Parks, Forests

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Trail Router helps you find trail routers for running through parks, forests, or by waters. This is a map website powered by Mapbox. You can pick a location nearly and try to find trail routers that are away from the road. You can find a route for a round trip or point to point. In each case, you can pick multiple points and find a direct route or route of a specific length.

While finding a route, you can add your preference to find a track as per your likings. You can select your preferences for green areas, hills, avoid unsafe and repetitive routes. Apart from that, you can also customize the appearance of the map and show extra data such as hiking routes, strive heatmaps, etc. Once you find a route, you can share it with a sharing link and export to GPX and KML files.

Find Trail Routes For Running Through Parks, Forests

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Find Trail Routes For Running Through Parks, Forests

Finding a route with this website is easy. First of all, you have to decide whether you want a round trip or point to point route.

Round Trip

In the case of a round trip, you only have to pick your starting location. Then select an approximate length for the route from the given options. The options are a multiple of a 5 along with a custom option where you can enter any number. Based on the distance, this website automatically highlights the best possible routes for your inputs.

discover trial track for running


Point to Point Trip

In the case of point to point trips, you can pick the points on the map. The points you mark will be covered in a direct route. It shows the distance of each route at the bottom of the screen. You can expand that section to check the minor road, residential road, track, and altitude in the respective route.

running trial tracks away from roads

You can also find a point to point route for a specific distance instead of a direct route. To do that, select the distance on the trial router section. Based on the distance, this website highlights all the routes cover one or many of the selected points. All these routes have the approximate selected distance.

Preference & Share

create custom trail track for running through parks and forests

On the trail tracker section in the top right corner, you get preference and share options. In the preference menu, you can set percentage sliders for hills and green areas in your routes. You can also set to avoid repetition, potentially unsafe roads, and unlit streets. Along with that, you can also customize the map appearance and interface.

After finding a route, you can sign in with your Google or Apple account and save your route. This also gives you the option to export the route to GPX and KML along with an option to generate a shareable link to your route. With that link, you can share your trial routes with others.

Closing Words

This Trail Router website is a nice method to find a running route in the neighborhood and unknown locations. You can export your route to GPX/KML that you can be upload to a GPS device and Google My Maps to have point-to-point navigation. Do note that, this website helps you find the routes that are suitable for running so you can not find a route everywhere. If that case, try changing your points on the map to see if there is any possible route nearby or not.

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