Pick Any Color From Screen Using Quick HTML Color Picker

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Quick HTML Color Picker is a free color picker software that let’s you pick colors from the computer screen. Using this free color picker software, you can pick any of your favorite color from any part of your computer screen.

If you are professional web designer, then for sure you will find this color picker software very useful, as it saves you time. Not only it lets you pick colors, it also shows you RGB values of that color, and also HTML code for it.

Quick HTML Color Picker

The user-interface of this free color picker software is very basic and comes with a Pick Color button. It show RGB values, HTML code, copy button, etc. This free color picker software even comes with a copy automatically option, that automatically copies the HTML code created for a color picked by you.

Using this free color picker software is very easy, as you simply need to launch the software and click the Pick Color button on the interface. As soon as you click the Pick color button, this tool converts your mouse cursor into a dropper along with the magnifying window to magnify the part of the screen from where you wish to pick the color.

Now, place the dropper on the desired color present on the screen and left click the mouse to pick the color. In this way, you can pick your desired color from the screen and get the HTML code for the color. To pick colors from screen, you can even use Peacock color picker, Absolute color picker and Color Seizer.

Key Features Of This Color Picker:

  • Clean and small user-interface.
  • Shows the RGB value for the picked color.
  • Displays the HTML code for the color.
  • Automatically copies the HTML code.
  • Adjustable RGB values.
  • Easy to use color picker software.

Quick HTML Color Picker is a small in size color picking software designed for web designers to help them in picking up their desired color from the screen. Download Quick HTML Color Picker for free.

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