Create Glitchy GIFs, Images using this Free Commandline Tool

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This article covers a simple method to create glitchy GIFs, images using a free commandline tool. Glitchy is a design type that uses analog and digital errors to create unique aesthetics. There are many free online image glitcher and video glitcher tools to add glitchy effects to images and videos. Here, I’m covering yet another tool to create glitchy GIFs and images offline on PC.

glitch-this is a command line tool that you can use to add glitch effect to images and convert them to GIFs as well. This tool consists of a Python library that offers 10 levels of glitchy intensity with a handful of effects. All you have to do is simply run a command with image location and type of glitch effect with an intensity that you want to add. Within a few seconds, it will create the glitchy GIFs or images for you.

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Create Glitchy GIFs, Images from Command line


glitch-this is a Python library so you have to install it in on your system first. To do that, make sure you have Python 3 and Node.js installed on your PC. Python is necessary for this and Node.js is for running the pip installation. If you know any other method of pip installation, you can obviously use that instead.

glitch-this command line image glitch tool

After that, open the command prompt or terminal on your PC and run the following command to install glitch-this library:

pip install glitch-this


pip3 install glitch this


create glitchy images from command line

It’s simple to use this tool to create glitchy GIFs and images. Simply open the command prompt or terminal on your PC and run the following command:

glitch_this <image_path> <glitch_level>

For example

glitch_this C:/Users/ILoveFreeSoftware/image.jpg 2

This only adds a regular glitch effect to the image. You can change the glitch level and also add different glitch effect with this command:

glitch_this -c test.png 2

create glitchy gifs from command line

Similarly, you can also create a glitchy GIF from the image, add frame count and loop it to have a smooth glitchy GIF.

glitch_this -g -fr 10 test.png 2

There many optional parameters that you can use to add different glitch effects, merge effects, change intensity, and glitchy GIFs as well. You can check out all those parameters with proper examples on the documentation page.

Closing Words

This is how you can easily create glitchy GIFs and images from the command line. glitch-this makes it simple and quick and along with the optional parameters, it’s an unparalleled glitchy tool that you can use offline on your PC. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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