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TagSpaces is a free file and folder organizer used to organize files and folders, and tag files. It is a handy freeware that uses tags to add identity to files and then helps in quickly locating files. Using it’s well made and easy to use interface, you can quickly find any file by simply specifying the tags instead of file name. Or search multiple files by simply clicking on the desired tag name in the tag list.

However, it is not a complete replacement for Windows Explorer, as it misses some important features, like, Cut / Copy / Paste. The main USP of this software is that it organizes files via tags and you can add multiple tags to same file and easily search for files that have same tags.

TagSpaces - interface

Though you can’t perform cut-copy-paste operations in this freeware, but you can quickly browse the contents of any folder and add tags, open file, rename, and delete file with just one click. Besides these, you can also quickly create a new folder and then create a new text, Html, or Mark Down file. You can browse the contents of a folder either on basis of tags, or the usual way. By default, the freeware hides the file thumbnails and file details, you can enable these with a single click. And finally you can switch between two file viewing formats: List and Grid.

Organize files, add tags, and quickly search them using this free file folder organizer:

TagSpaces is pretty good and handy freeware, to properly organize and maintain your files. The main feature of this freeware is it’s ease of usability and the feature to add tags to files. However you can’t add tags to folders. The freeware organizes and shows the folder directory in tree  format.

TagSpaces - choosing folder

You start by adding the desired folder into the freeware’s list of directories. The freeware automatically imports the selected folder and it’s files and sub-folders, and then lays them in a well formatted manner. The main folder and it’s sub-folders are listed in left pane. Rest of the interface is covered by the list of files contained within that folder.

Though it’s not a complete file folder organizer, because it lacks the cut, copy, and paste features; but you can view the selected folder in file explorer window and do cut, copy, and paste with files. Simply click on Directory Options button present besides the folder name (inside folder pane) and  click on Show in File manager option. This freeware does provide options to rename or delete files.

TagSpaces - directory options

By default when you add a folder in this, it is set in list viewing mode. You can change to grid view anytime. Simply click on view mode button at top right corner of the interface and choose desired view.

TagSpaces - switching view and enabling thumbnails and details

Adding tags to files and quickly searching them:

This is another interesting feature of this software. Adding tags to files, and searching files using tags is a pretty good idea. And doing that is very easy. The files are automatically sorted according to file types. All you have to do is select the desired file from files list and, click on the drop down button beside the file extension. This opens a menu, simply click on Add tags button, and then add the desired tags.

TagSpaces - add tags to single fileYou can also add multiple tags to multiple files of same type. Simply click on the check boxes (present in front of the file names) and then click on “Tag selected files” button present at top of the interface and then add the desired tags.

TagSpaces - add tags to multiple files

Good thing is that you can also create your custom tags. Simply click on Show tag library button in the Folder pane. There are default groups of tags. To add tag click on Tag group option button and click on Add tag button. Next is simply clicking on the tags to view all files that have the same tag name.

TagSpaces - tag group options

You can also use the Search files box to find files. Simply enter the tags with a preceding + sign, and the freeware automatically find the files that have those tags

TagSpaces - searching files using tag names

Key features of this free file folder organizer:

  • Completely free.
  • Good file folder organizer.
  • Add tags to files.
  • Search files by using tag names.
  • Great interface.
  • Simple, easy and handy.

Check out these two good similar freeware: STDU Explorer and Proto.


TagSpaces is a good file folder organizer. It’s simple fast and easy. Adding tags to files and searching them is a pretty good concept. Also, it has a clean and easy to use interface. All in all a great freeware to use. Apart from Windows, Tagspaces is also available for other platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome and Firefox.

Get TagSpace here.

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