Visually Trace Route Taken By Internet Data on Map: World Route

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World Route is a free software to check route details and gateways related information for a specific site or IP address. That means you can easily check the path that network packets take to reach to the destination location (or address). The software automatically plots a graph for the route (source to destination) and also shows the total number of hops that come in between the full route on a map.

This is basically a visual tracert software, that visually shows the path that is taken from your PC to reach a particular IP or website.

You will also be able to see the total distance between source and destination paths and round-trip time (time taken to send a signal and time taken by acknowledgement to receive the signal). While it is too complicated for a normal user to understand this network related things, this software makes it a lot easier to understand what actually happens when a request to access a website is sent.

check route details of a particular website

In the screenshot above, you can see the path, gateways, and distance traveled by network packets to access The software helps to understand everything in a basic manner.

Check Route Details, Hopes, and Total Distance for a Specific Website or IP Address:

World Route software is available with the installer and portable versions. You can click this link to open its homepage and grab the file. When you will run the software, there will be a dark and blank interface in front of you.

World Route- interface

Now you have to enter the IP address or a website URL in the box available at the top left side. Press Enter and then the software will collect the hops, round-trip time for each hop, and plot the graph on the map. You can see the hops and their round-trip time on the left side.

enter ip address and get route details

The rest of the interface shows the graph from sending to receiving end. The total distance between sending and receiving end, the total number of hops, and total round-trip time taken for the entered IP address/website is also visible on the bottom part.

This is all this software does. You can’t export the details or save the route map. This software is available only to present the route details of a website. This is basically similar to the info you get via traceroute option, but it is visual, and way more info than that.

You may also check some network packet sniffer software covered by us.

The Verdict:

The software might not be so useful for technical experts, but it can help average and normal users a lot to understand what actually happens when we try to access a website. It helps us see the gateways that network packets access and total distance travelled to reach to the destination location. Only the website URL or IP address is all we need to enter to get the data.

Get this software.

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