5 Websites To Send Encrypted Password Protected Self-Destructing Notes

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If you have some sensitive information that you have to share with someone over the Internet, what method will you choose to do that? And does that method completely secure your information? Does your information gets deleted once it’s read by the recipient(s)? These are the questions you have to get answers to before sending private notes online.

In this article, I will cover 5 online service that lets you send password protected self-destructing notes online. Using these services, you can share sensitive information online by adding a password along with an expiry date or auto shred feature. Not all these services are completely free; some of them have a per month limitation for free users. So, let’s discuss them in details.

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5 Websites To Send Encrypted Password Protected Self-Destructing Notes:


securely share private notes online

SafeShare allows you to securely share sensitive information online. With this service, you can create self-destructing notes, requests, and snippets and add password protection on top of that. You can define the validity for these messages or set an auto shred option like “shred after reading“, “shred when read 2 times“, etc. The free plan allows you to create up to 10 notes, 10 requests, and 10 snippets per month without attachments.

When you create a note/request/snippet on SafeShare, it gives you a shareable link to that note which you can send to the people with whom you want to share the information. The recipients can the note just with the link, they have to type the password in order to access the information. You can limit the number of reads and recipients for your note with the Shred options. Moreover, you can also add recipient via email addresses and add IP addresses to allow or deny the read request. Once the note is read or shred, SafeShare notifies you about that via email. You can also see these activity notifications on your SafeShare account.

Send encrypted password protected self-destructing notes with SafeShare here.


send encrypted password protected self-destructive notes online

NoteShred is another service that lets you send password protected self-destructing notes online. With this service, you can create 10 notes per month for free. If you want to surpass that limit, you have to subscribe to its premium plan. Similar to SafeShare, you can protect your notes with a password and enable auto-shred feature as well. But, unlike SafeShare, this service lets you add an attachment up to 5 MB in size along with the note. It also gives you the option to enable/disable client-side encryption. When you enable that encryption, it gives you a private key which will be required to decrypt the note. This adds an extra layer of security on your note. Do note that, this encryption is only for the text; it doesn’t include the attachment.

While creating a note, you can add recipients by mentioning their email addresses. This will send them an email with a link to note. You can also send this link manually after creating the note. In order to access the content of your note, the recipient must have the password and private key (if encryption is enabled) to decrypt the message. NoteShred also shows you the activity updates on the notes and send you notifications via email as well.

Send encrypted self-destructing notes with NoteShred here.


send self-destructive private notes with password protection

Cloakmy.org is another free service to send auto-destructing password protected notes online. Here, you can create a note with proper text format and secure it with a password. You can also add a secondary password for super sensitive data. The secondary password option encrypts the note locally on your device before sending it to the server. If you like to share the note via email, you can enter the recipients’ email address to send them a link to the note.

Cloakmy offers three note expiration options: auto destruct once read, destruct after a specific time interval, and never expire. In case of the timed and never expire options, you get an option to manually delete a message anytime. When you create/send an encrypted note, it gives you two links; one to share the note and another to delete the note. The recipients get a warning if a note is set to auto-destruct once read and also get an option to destroy the note as well. With all these advanced options, you can easily share sensitive information online without worry about it’s leaking.

Send auto-destructive password protected notes with Cloakmy here.


send password protected self-destructive notes online free

The next website to share private note securely on this list is PrivNote. This is a completely free service where you can create as many notes as you want and you don’t even have to create an account for that. You can simply type your private message here and set the validity for the note. To encrypt your note, you can set a password and enter your email address to receive the note destruction notification. Once you create a note, it gives you a link to share the note.

Unlike other services, this service doesn’t track recipient’s IP which means a person can view a note multiple times while the note is active. To avoid that, you can set the “note self-destructs” option to destruct after reading.

Share self-destructing encrypted notes with PrivNote here.


share self-destructive private notes with password protection

SafeMess offers a simple solution to quickly share private notes online. You can type your message here and encrypt it by auto-generating or manually adding a password. Once done, you can create an encrypted message by selecting an expiration time. Unlike other services on this list, this website gives you the encrypted message in the output which seems like a random text string. It also gives you a link to decrypt that message using the password.

It’s like encrypted the message using an encryption standard along with a password for an extra layer of security. To share the message, you have to send the encrypted text along with the decryption link and share the password with the recipients. The decryption link is only valid till the message validity. Once the validity expires, recipients do have the encrypted text but they won’t be able to decrypt it.

Send encrypted messages with expiry date using SafeMess here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 5 websites to send password protected self-destructing notes online. Each of these websites offers something different than the rest. SafeShare gives you activity notification via email. NoteShred does the same and lets you add attachments as well. Cloakmy offers local encryption and supports rich text. PrivNote only offers the basic features but is very quick and simple to use. SafeMess is a little messy but can be useful in some particular scenarios. Try them out yourself and share your opinion with us in the comments.

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