Open Source Business Growth Hacking Software with Sales, Marketing, Customer Services

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This article covers an open source business growth hacking software with sales, marketing, customer services, team inbox, projects, and more. erxes is an all in one marketing and growth management tool where you can manage everything from brainstorming sessions with boards to ad campaigns, insight, engagement, customer relationships, ticketing, knowledge base and more. You can call erxes is an open-source alternative to HubSpot and services like that.

erxes lets you create a portal for your organization where you can plan and manage your business along with your teammates. This software offers a cloud version along with an open-source version. The cloud version offers additional perks like Continuous database backups, automatically manage and renew SSL certificates, scalable and resilient infrastructure, unlimited email via your OWN custom SMTP, and more. The free-tier lets you manage your business and improve your growth with up to 3 teammates. And, if you go with the paid-tier, you can add more teammates and get access to emails, channels, and additional plugins to integrate social media and other business services within the erxes.

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Open Source Business Growth Hacking Software

erxes is simple and easy to set up. First, you have to create an account with your work email address. Upon successful account creation, you can add your organization and create a custom URL for that. And, then you can invite your team members and assign them roles as per your hierarchy. This is the initial setup, after that, you can start using the software for various purposes. Let’s discuss all the supported features of erxes.


The conversation section of this software contains a Team Inbox, Ticketing System, and Insights. The Team Inbox offers a rich conversation within the team for collaboration and planning. With the Ticketing System, you can track customer support tickets and provide proper feedback to your users. And, the Insight feature lets you generate volume and response reports.

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is the main highlight of this software. The Growth Hacking feature lets you manage the ad campaigns managed by your organization. You can add unlimited ad campaigns to this software and easily manage them by creating projects with due dates, boards, funnels, and matrix.


The Deal section in this software is all about sales and marketing. Here, you can easily keep track of sales by creating sale pipelines and plan sale strategies with collaborative boards. It also has an insights section where you can generate sales reports for all your deals.


CRM is the next thing that erxes can take care of. You can create a database of your customers, clients, and visitors. Then, you can sort the data with segments, tags, and filters. This helps you track all the leads and engagement data. Apart from that, erxes also lets you create knowledge to help you provide efficient support to your customers with ease.


Messaging, Lead management, Knowledge, Calls Pro, and Email integration are the 5 free integration that you get in the free-tier. The paid-tier offers more integration options including upcoming integrations such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, WeChat, and more. All that truly makes erxes an all-in-one software to manage your organization data and improve the growth.

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Wrap Up

erxes is one of the few software which offers multiple services in a single package. This allows you to easily manage all your organization data in one place along with your team. There are lots of other features and options which are not covered here. So, go check it out yourself and let us know if it satisfies your needs or not.

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