Online Travel Guide Maker to Share Your Visit with Photos, Tips

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This article talks about a free online travel guide maker to share your visit with photos & tips. Generally, when we travel to new places, we look for popular spots in that area to visit. To find those spots, we often have to do lots of digging on the internet or ask the native people for the same.

TipList is a free website that wants to help people find nice spots easily. On this website, you can create travel guides for places and includes all the spots and must-visit places you visited there. You can create guides for a single place or create a comprehensive guide for an area covering various places. You can add photos, add a description of the place, and include tips for other visitors. This way, people can build travel guides for places to help other fellow travels so they can find nice places with ease.

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Online Travel Guide Maker to Share Your Visit with Photos, Tips

Anyone can browse the travel guides on TipList and gather information about the places prior to their visit. The website lists all the cities with available travel guides. You can select a city and check out all the places listed under that. Each place has a brief description along with pictures and tips that might be helpful while visiting that place. Most of the guides also provide the location, contact number, and website of the place if any.

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Create Travel Guides

To create a travel guide, you need a TipList account. You can create one for free using your email address. After login into the TipList website, you get an option to create guides at the top.

share your travel experience with travel guides

To create a guide, first, you have to type the place or city and pick it from the location-based suggestions. In the next step, you have to enter a name for your guide along with a custom link and description where you can talk about the place. Then, it the next step, it automatically picks a photo of the place from the web. You can either keep that photo or upload your own photos of that place. At this point, you have created a TipList for a location and now you can enter the places along with tips.

Simply type the name of the place and it will show in the suggestions. Select the place and enter the tip for that place. This way, you can add as many places with tips to your location list. You can revisit your guide anytime to edit it or add more tips and places.

Make your travel guides with TipList here.

Wrap Up

TipList is a nice website that can help people to find the best places to visit for a particular location. Currently, it has a few lists only covering popular places to visit in some cities. Since people can add their guides to it and help the platform grow, one day it might become a popular platform to find what places to visit. Till then, you can still use to share your experience with the world.

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