Free Online Team Management Tool with Internal News, Event Manager

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This article covers an online team management tool with features like public boards, internal news, event manager, and more. There are lots of team management tools you can find online, each one satisfying a specific need. Most of the team management tools cover the same traditional team management features which makes them boring.

HiStaff is a multipurpose team management tool that offers many useful features to boost productivity along with employees motivation and happiness. This tool allows to save your employee information along with documents. It provides new ways to manage staff with the help of features like event management, internal news, public boards, etc. HiStaff is still under development so the pricing is not finalized yet. There is a possibility that some of these features might end up in the paid plan.

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Free Online Team Management Tool with Internal News, Event Manager

To use HiStaff, first, you have to create an account as admin. After creating the account, it takes you to the dashboard where you get an overview of all the team activities and events. The dashboard has a navigation panel on the left from where you can jump to other features of this tool.


The dashboard shows you the stats of all the feature this tool have. It shows the number of total users, teams, news, events, and notes. In case of an upcoming event, it shows the number of attendees for that. Along with all that, it also shows you a chart of user happiness. I’m not sure how it analyzes the user happiness, I couldn’t find any option regarding that.

Team Management


HiStaff has a Team Management and a Staff Management feature. In the Team Management feature, you can create teams and add users to those teams. You can simply enter the email id of the employees to invite them to join the team. The Staff Management feature is similar to Team Management; it lists all the users despite their teams.

HiStaff lets you save detailed information about each user along with their full contact details, notes, events, and documents. You can upload user documents in the form of JPG, JPEG, PDF, or ZIP format and keep them safe and secure.

Event Management


The Event Management feature lets you add team or staff events. Since you have all your employees added to the tool, instead of sending separate invites or emails, you can add events to HiStaff where all the employees can see it and submit their RSVP.

Internal News


Another nice feature of this online team management tool is Internal News. You can use this feature to deliver news, notification, and announcements to the team. In a news, you can type the information in RTF with a heading and it will appear in all the employees HiStaff dashboard.

All these features make HiStaff a multipurpose and less-boring online team management tool.

Give it a try here.

Wrap Up

HiStaff is a worthy multipurpose team management tool that definitely deserves a try. Features like event management, internal news, and the ability to store employees information along with documents make it a great team management tool. Try it yourself and share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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