Free Online Project Management Tool with Role-based Features

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This article covers a free online project management tool with role-based features. There are lots of great project management tool but the problem with almost every tool is the fixed feature set. For example, if a tool has 6 different features, all the users get those features. Depending on the work role, a user might not need all the features.

Orsolo is yet another project management tool that allows users to pick what features they want. This tool has 6 features to help a team manage their projects. All those features are available to every user but with an option to disable then in not needed. This allows users to enable only those features that they use frequently and hide the other features away. Let’s check it out.

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Free Online Project Management Tool with Role-based Features

Orsolo is an online project management tool that offers a customizable set of features. This tool provides you a workspace where you can track work, save notes, links, files and interact with teammates with activities and kanban boards.

project manger configure for each user

To use Orsolo, you can easily create an account with a work email address or quickly sign up with other social accounts. After account verification, you can create a project and invite the participants. Do note that, Orsolo offers only 1 project in the free plan. If you want to add more projects, you have to get a subscription.

Choose Features You Want

role-based features

After creating a project and inviting everybody each user gets a feature list. This list has all the features of this tool with a toggle alongside. From the list, each user can choose the only tools they want and hide the rest. Here are all the features you can get:

  • Notes
  • Bookmarks (to save weblinks)
  • Uploads (to save and manage files)
  • Kaban
  • Budget Calculator
  • Activity Feed
  • Daily activity notification

Online Project Management Tool with Role-based Features

From the list, each user can personalize the tool as per their need. If you have to use a feature no longer use a feature, you can customize the list from the settings. The interface of this tool is neat and organized. The dashboard shows an overview of each feature. From there, users can click on any feature and get going with their work.

Each user also gets a budget calculator along with an activity feed on the right. The budget calculator shows the current budget with an option to add daily todos. Below the calculator, the activity feed shows the work of all users in chronological order.

Closing Words

Orsolo is a decent project management tool where each user can personalize the tool according to their work. Instead of competing with the big names, this project management is targeting an audience that needs something simple and neat. This tool is good for that, it brings most of the things in one place where a bunch of people can work together.

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