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Modyfi is a free WebGPU enabled intuitive image editing platform that provides top-notch image editing, vector & raster tooling, and AI-powered art generation features all in your browser. It combines the basic tools of graphic design and image making – layers, vector, bitmaps and more – with state-of-the-art AI based, non-destructive generation tools and amazingly satisfying effects called ‘Modifiers’. All of this greatly helps you to design, iterate and collaborate using a single platform.


Professional image creation: Modyfi offers a full-fledged design toolbox replete with all the necessary tools such as vectors, bitmaps, layers, blend modes and more. These have been combined with AI-based image and image-guided generation features along with the Modifiers that allow you to swiftly iterate on your image and provide a complete and wholesome product that is very easy to use.

Non-destructive: Every action in Modyfi is non-destructive. No rasterizing has been used which signifies that you can take a design in a new direction and backout whenever required without any permanent changes.

Streamlined workflows: Modyfi enables you to streamline your workflows with just a single click using AI powered tools such as background removal, object deletion smart delete, split into layers and more. The eventual aim is to create a platform that empowers you to focus on sheer creation and automatically takes care of all the other tasks.

Real time Collaboration: You can create collaboratively, share your designs and get feedback on them in real time without the back-and-forth delivery of files.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Modyfi and sign up for a free account using your email address.

2. This will navigate you to the Modyfi Dashboard. Click on ‘New Project’ to load the canvas for the design. You can clearly observe the ‘Layers’ pane towards the left of the interface and a handy toolbar at the bottom that houses the standard tools such as Text, Rectangle, Brush, Pen, Rectangular / Lasso selection and more.

Modyfi Interface

3. A context sensitive pane is shown towards the right that provides you with a range of options and settings based on the element that you have selected. For example, if only the canvas is selected, you can specify its dimensions and background color.

4. A command bar is available at the top of the interface that you can use to streamline your workflows. Just click on the bar and browse the various automated workflows (commands) that have been provided such as Add generated image, Add image-guided generation, Add layer, Add stock image, Export etc. You can also add Modifiers (special effects) like Brightness / Contrast, Fast Blur, Noise, Bloom and more using the command bar. The shortcut key combination for each command is displayed alongside.

Command bar

5. To insert an AI generated image, click on the command bar and choose ‘Add Generated Image’ and the context sensitive pane will pop up towards the right. Type the natural language prompt that describes the image and use the various options in the pane to configure its width, height, opacity, style etc. Finally click on ‘Generate Image’ and wait for some time while Modyfi processes all the inputs and produces four variants of the image. Click on any of the variants that you like to insert it into the canvas.

AI Generated image

6. Similarly, to insert a stock image in the canvas, choose the corresponding option in the command bar and select the image that you want to insert from the photo browser.

Photo browser

7. You can click on any image that you have added to the canvas and remove its background, split into layers etc. using the respective options in the right pane.

Modify image

8. To share the image with your friends and colleagues, click on the ‘Share’ button at the top right.

Closing Comments:

Modyfi awards you high-quality image editing with natural vector tooling, fine-tuneable controls, and AI-powered art generation all in one package. Just think of what you wish to do and type in the command bar to make it happen in just a single click. The Modifiers give you the freedom to iterate your image and move in any direction with your design due to the non-destructive editing capabilities of the application.

The product has been launched as a Beta version and users can expect many more features and customizations soon. Go ahead and try out the product and do write to us about your experience. Click here to navigate to Modyfi.

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