Free AI based tool for Rappers and Writers to Help Write Creatively

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TextFX is a free, AI empowered platform that offers 10 tools that have been developed to expand and enhance your writing capabilities. TextFX was specially designed to help rappers, creative writers, and more to enrich their writing process by exploring several new creative possibilities with text and language.

TextFX was built in collaboration with the famous American rapper, Lupe Fiasco, drawing inspiration from his lyrical and linguistic prowess. It was designed as an innovative experiment meant to reveal how generative language technologies can inspire and empower the creativity and workflows of creators, rappers, artists and more.

The following is the list of the 10 tools provided through TextFX:

1. Simile: This tool helps you to create a simile (metaphor) about a thing, idea or concept.


2. Explode: This helps to break down a word into multiple phrases that are similar sounding.


3. Unexpect: This TextFX tool enables you to make a scene more ingenious and imaginative.


4. Chain: This tool helps you to build a chain of items that are semantically related to each other.


5. POV: POV helps you to evaluate and interpret a topic through several different points of view.


6. Alliteration: This tool aids you to draft words that are specific to a topic and begin with a letter of your choice.


7. Acronym: This tool helps you to create an acronym (abbreviation) using the different letters of a word.


8. Fuse: Fuse helps you to find the intersections between two things or ideas.


9. Scene: Use this tool to generate fine sensory details about a certain scene.


10. Unfold: This TextFX tools enables you to slot a word into other chosen words or phrases.


How it Works:

  1. Click on this link to navigate to TextFX. You are not required to register or sign up for a free account to use this website.
  2. Scroll down the website till you reach the bottom and click on the ‘Launch TextFX’ button.
  3. You will now be navigated to the main page from where you can access all the TextFX tools using their corresponding icons that have been arranged in the same order that we have listed above.
  4. Click on any icon, type the required words in the text box based on the tool that you are using and click on the ‘Run’ button to generate the results.
  5. For each tool, you can also set the Temperature using the slider. This is a parameter using in machine learning models and regulates the level of creativity in text that is AI generated.
  6. By default, only one result is displayed on the screen. You can click on the ‘View all’ button to view all the results together. Further, you can click on the corresponding icon to copy any text to the clipboard or pin the result by hitting the ‘Pin’ icon.

Closing Comments:

TextFX is a wonderful AI enabled platform offering 10 tools that help rappers, creative writers and others to enhance their writing capabilities by delving into several new creative possibilities and fun with text and language.

Go ahead and get intrigued by the concept. Click here to navigate to TextFX.

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