3 Best Websites To Create Will Online For Free

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In this article, we will discover Best Websites To Create Will Online For Free. As we all know, will or testament is a legal document that holds the wishes of a person which specifies the distribution of his/her property upon death. Without a last will and testament, the property goes to closest blood relatives. And the process of assets dividing varies by state and involves various legal procedures. To save your loved ones from all that, having a DIY will seems wise. In case you need advice from lawyers, you can check out these 5 Websites To Get Free Advice From Lawyers.

We filtered three websites that let you create will online for free. These websites are discussed below.


Willing.com is a free website where you can create will. With the help of this website, you can easily create Last Will and Testament for yourself. For creating a legal will, first, you have to create an account on Willing.com. Once signed up, you are ready to create your will.

Now, this website asks you the required information for the DIY will. First, fill up all your personal details which include, Name, Gender, Marital Status, DOB, and Zip Code. If you choose married, it will ask you details about your spouse (Name, Gender, DOB).

3 websites to create a will online for free

After that, it will ask you to enter the details about your children if you have any. This section has a tab “Child of”, where you have to specify the biological parents of the child. (Child of: you and your spouse, you with someone else, or your spouse with someone else)

Next is residential details; here you have to select whether you own a house or living in a rented one. If it’s your own, Willing.com will ask for your address.

After that, Willing.com will generate your will according to your state’s rules. It will ask you to select a plan, choose the Basic (the free one). In the end, you can download the pdf of your last will and testament.

Print the document, fill up the required information and sign it along with the signature of your spouse, your son (if not minor) and the witnesses.

Willing.com creates a pretty basic will for you. According to the will, all the assets will go to your spouse and child after you. Although, you can also add any executor or caretaker here, but that all comes under their paid plans.


Doyourownwill.com is another free online will generating website. You can create will very easily with the help of this website. It has 3 easy steps to create will.

Step 1:

It asks you basic info, which is Sex, Marital Status, and Children. After selecting these options, it will take you to step 2.

Step 2:

In Step 2, Doyourownwill.com has questions related to personal information. This includes Full Name, and Address.

Step 3:

Step 3 is about married with minor children related questions. Here, you can specify the distribution of your estate. If you have minor children, you can name the person you want to serve as guardian of your children. You can also specify the executor of your will.

If you wanted to gift personal property like a vehicle, farmhouse, jewelry, etc. to any specific person, you can describe that here. Here you’ll find another option about Memorial Preferences where you can describe your desired funeral service arrangements if you have any.

After adding all this information, you can create your will document by clicking on Create my will. This website will save your will in your account and you can edit it later if you want any modification. With all your information, it will create your Last Will and Testament. You can download your will document as either a .pdf or .docx file.


Freewill.com is the next website in this list of websites to create will online. Compared to above two, you can specify much more in your will on freewill.com. It has a progress map on the top with seven steps.

  • Personal
  • Charity
  • Gift
  • Residual
  • Executor
  • Other
  • Final


Similar to the above two, the personal section will ask all the personal information necessary for will making. Freewill.com makes the thing little more specific. It also asks you about your pets along with your children.

You can specify the guardian for your minor children. You can also specify a financial guardian for your children if you like. The financial guardian will take care of your children’s inheritance until they become adults.


Unlike others, freewill.com also lets you specify a charitable gift to the charitable organizations. The charity amount can be the percentage share of your assets or a specific amount, that’s totally up to you. You can specify more than one charity in your will as well as you can skip it if you want.


If you like to gift someone something from your assets, you can specify that here. Here are options for real estate, vehicle, and cash. In case your desired gift is not one of these, you can further specify that by selecting others.


Apart from gifts and beneficiary, you can specify to whom would you like to leave the rest of your property. There are options for your spouse and then equally to your children, and only to your children. If you have someone else in mind, you can specify that too.


Here you specify a person to carry out your legal and financial wishes. You can specify two choices for your executor. In case of permanent absence of the first choice, the second choice will be your executor.


Here you can specify other remaining stuff, like your digital assets, do you want to include a no-contest clause in your will or not and stuff like that.


In the final step, a preview of all the previously entered information will be shown to you for verification. After that, freewill.com will create will document for you. You can download it from the website and also modify it later if you want.

Freewill.com creates two documents, Last Will and Testament, and Documented Wishes, which can be very helpful later in case of complex estates.

Closing Words:

With the help of any of these websites, one can create will online very easily. Freewill.com is the one I recommend because it specifies more stuff as compared to the others. So, check them out, see whats best for you and make a will for yourself if you haven’t yet.

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