Convert KMZ To GPX Online With These Free Websites

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This article talks about 4 free websites to convert KMZ to GPX online. These websites offer free online tools to convert geographical data files. You can perform any number of conversions on these websites except MyGeoData, which has a limit of 3 database conversions.

Apart from GPSies, all these websites let you import multiple KMZ files for concurrent conversion.

Here are free Online GPX Viewers to view GPS data (Tracks, Waypoints, etc.) from a GPX file. Also, check these top Online GPX Editors to edit GPX files online.

Here Are Best Free Websites To Convert KMZ To GPX Online:


GeoConverter is an online utility to convert GIS file formats. It has support for almost every geographical data format. You can easily perform KMZ to GPX conversion here. To do that, upload the input file to this converter. You can upload KMZ file from your local storage or can load via URL. Then, select  ‘GPS Exchange Format (GPX)‘ as the output format in the export format drop-down and click ‘Run‘ to perform the conversion. It will convert your KMZ file to GPX and will show a ‘Download‘ button to download the file.

GeoConverter: kmz to gpx

GeoConverter has some advanced options, where you can specify Source and Target EPSG numbers, and Simplify Parameter. This converter does not have file size or conversion limit. You can upload as many files as you want and convert those to GPX in batch.

You can use GeoConverter to convert KMZ to GPX here.

GPS Visualizer

GPS Visualizer offers various online utilities to edit and convert geographical data files. With its ‘GPS Convert‘ tool, you can easily convert KMZ to GPX online. All you have to do is upload your KMZ here, select ‘GPX‘ in output format and click ‘Convert‘. This will convert your file to GPX and will give you a link to download the converted file.

GPS Visualizer: kmz to gpx

You can import multiple KMZ files here and perform a concurrent conversion. This converter has a maximum 10 MB size limit for each file.

Convert KMZ to GPX with GPS Visualizer here.


GPSies has a huge collection of GPS data (GPS Routes, Tracks, etc.) which is recorded by hundred thousands of GPS devices around the globe. It offers various online utilities for geographic data.

GPSies: kmz to gpx

To convert KMZ file to GPX here, you have to create an account first. After that, upload your KMZ file to ‘GPSies Converter‘ and select GPX as output format. Selecting between ‘Track‘ and ‘Waypoint‘ depends on your KMZ file. If your KMZ file has routes and tracks, select ‘Track‘, otherwise, go with ‘Waypoint‘.

Use GPSies to convert KMZ to GPX here.


MyGeoData is a popular website that houses GIS data along with useful geographical data tools. Its ‘MyGeoData Converter‘ is one of these tools which you can use to convert KMZ to GPX online. This converter has a conversion limit; you can convert up to 5 MB of data or 3 databases as a free user.

MyGeoData: kmz to gpx

To perform the conversion, upload your KMZ file and it will list all the layers from your KMZ file. You can customize your KMZ file by selecting or deleting the layers accordingly. Select GPX in the output format as we want to convert our KMZ file to a GPX file.

Here, you can import multiple KMZ files, customize the input data and convert them to GPX files simultaneously.

Convert KMZ to GPX online with MyGeoData here.

Closing Words:

All these KMZ to GPX online converters covered in this article are efficient and easy to use. My personal favorite is GeoConverter, as it is straightforward, it has no size or conversion limits and can also convert in batch.

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