Windows 8 Free Game App to Control the Flow of Water

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Fall O Water is a free Windows free game app where you need to control the flow of water. It is fun and interesting game app, that comes up with quite a new and refreshing concept. It is based on simple physics rule of gravity and water movement. In the gameplay, initially, you’ll get certain amount of water and suspended pipes (more of a container) that are opened from the top, something like a sliced pipe which holds the water and stops the water, at the very point. But, these platforms continuously move upward on a constant speed. All you have to do is, keep the water flowing down by using the respective keys, because the lowest pipe you take the water down to means, the distance you cover is more. And covering the longest distance means, getting the highest score.

Fall O Water - gameplay

During the gameplay, you’ll get multiple power-ups. The game is all about reflexes and speed. Keep the water flowing down and in the screen area, to get highest score, ever.

Gameplay of this Windows 8 free game app:

The game certainly is new and has a good concept. It’s refreshing to see a game with new concept. The gameplay of the game is the highlight of the app. It’s quick, fluid, and quite difficult. And, this is what that makes the game fun and challenging. The game runs smoothly and has good simulations. The game is from those games, which are easy to learn, but not that easy to play. The controls are very simple. Simply, use the left and right arrows to move the water towards left or right. Plus, to grab the power-ups use space bar. You can also use left click and drag to make the water move, and right click to grab the power-ups.

Fall O Water - controls

When you grab the power-ups, they become effective the very moment. Power-ups are cool and always helpful in the game. They make the game a bit easier for you and help to stay longer in the game. Some power up add more water in the game. And they are the ones that are most frequent in the game. Another power-up is the one, that turns the blue color of water to orange, making it even pass through the obstacles. The gameplay is fun. You can’t push too hard to make the water go to one direction, because doing that makes most of the water go to the corner; making it hard to bring back the water to the center. Which is the objective of the game: trying your best to keep the water at center of playing area. There are gaps between the obstacles (half-cut pipes), keeping an empty space to make the water flow downward. The more it goes down meaning the more distance the water travels towards the downward direction, the more scores you get.

Fall O Water - scores

Key features of this Windows 8 free game app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good gameplay.
  • Make the water flow down to cover longest distance.
  • Easy controls.
  • Fluid simulations.


Fall O Water, is a good Windows 8 free game app. It’s refreshing, fun, and challenging. The only thing it needs is an option to save previous scores. Other than that, it’s a good game app to play.

Get Fall O Water here.

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Works With: Windows 8
Free/Paid: Free

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