Exif Data Viewer to View Exif Data Of JPG Files

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ExifData View is a free Exif data viewer that enables you to view exif data of *.jpg files created using digital cameras. This tool to view exif data shows a lot of exif data that is stored with each photo, like, the model of camera, name of the camera by which the photo was taken, date / time of the photo, and more.

You can easily view the property group of the image, like camera or image. This program tool doesn’t requires any installation; all you need to do is simply execute the downloaded file.

exif data viewer

When you run this program, it will quickly show you all the exif data, or metadata, that is stored with your photos. And if you want to get rid of that exif data, you can check out this exif data remover, or even batch exif data remover.

How To Use Exif Data Viewer:

  • Once you have downloaded the program to your PC, execute or launch the program to your PC. (No need for any installation)
  • Now, open any *.jpg file using “Open File” option.
  • You can even drag and drop any file to this free tool to view exif data.
  • After opening the *. jpg file, a list of properties would be shown in the upper panel.
  • When you click or select any data in upper pane, the lower pane displays all the exif data information such as hex dump values or time and date creation of data.
  • You can even select one or more data from the upper pane and then save it your PC or copy it to clipboard.

Key Features This Portable tool To View Exif Data:

  • It’s an easy and convenient tool to use to view exif data of any image.
  • 100% free of cost .
  • You can easily drag and drop any file to this exif data viewer.
  • Shows the date and time creation of the picture.
  • Portable version (no need for any installation).
  • Shows HTML report for all the values of upper pane.

exif data viewer 1

  • This portable tool also shows HTML report for any selected items.
  • Provides the value length of each item dragged to upper pane.
  • You can easily refresh the data at any point of time.
  • You can even save the item to your PC or copy it to any clipboard.

How To Download ExifData View To Your PC:

  • Visit this link to download ExifData View to your PC.
  • Click on the download link, and download the zip file.
  • Unzip the file and execute it.

ExifData View is an efficient and handy tool to view exif data of a *.jpg file format stored on your PC.

If you are interested in seeing exif data that is stored on your images, do give this tool a shot.

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