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UnWrap is a free text wrapping software. It is a simple and handy freeware that lets you remove the extra spaces, tabs, unwanted character, and other extra text clutter, and helps to format the text or paragraphs in a proper and easy to understand format. There are some special buttons, that helps you format the unformatted text in just one single click. You can trim off leading spaces, tabs, one single special character (that you specify), remove all line returns, enter the tags (based on which the freeware starts a new line), convert multiple spaces into one space, and more.

This freeware is basically designed with helping you to warp the email messages, because most of the tools seems to be designed for email tags like: Sent, Subject, Return, To etc. But, you can use it to wrap and format any text, paragraph, or message.

UnWrap - unformatted and formatted text

Quickly wrap emails/text with one click using this free text wrapping software:

This is a simple software. Good thing is downloading it doesn’t take time and, the installation is pretty easy. Also, it doesn’t puts too much load in your PC. It’s fast, simple, and easy. However the freeware is most useful for warping and formatting the email message. The interface is very simple and easy.  Though it looks a bit old-fashioned. Still it’s pretty fast.

The basic tools and wrapping specification options are present at the top of the interface. You can call it a tool bar. The first most buttons: Input file and Output file are basically buttons to import the source file and save the wrapped file. It only supports .TXT files. The source files content (that is text) gets displayed in the upper text pane, and the wrapped-formatted text gets displayed in the lower text pane. You can also simply copy, the text content of source file (if it’s in email, doc, or any other text file format) and then simply click on Paste In button (below Input file button).

UnWrap - formatting tools

Now all you need to do is simply choose the wrapping specifications. You can trim the extra spaces, tabs, and any one special character by enabling the trim options for each of these in the tool bar. You can also choose to selectively delete unwanted line-returns and insert a single space for the deleted line-returns. To do that, simply enable the desired remove line-return option under the UnWrap Returns label.

You can also choose the text tags from which you want the freeware to start a new line. This option is present inside the Tag Return label. The freeware contains a pre-built set of tags, which you can edit, and add your own new tag by clicking on Edit button.

UnWrap - editing and adding new tags

And lastly, you can convert multiple consecutive spaces into one space and translate tabs to a specific number of spaces, to get uniform alignment. These options are available inside the Multi-space and Tab to spaces labels.

Simply, fill each specification options and then click on Unwrap button. The unformatted source texts gets formatted.

Key features of this free text wrapping software:

  • Completely free.
  • Good tools and options to quickly format emails and texts.
  • Save the formatted text in .TXT format.
  • Simple and easy.

Here are some more good free text editors, you might want to try: fxite and Notepas.


UnWrap is a fair option to choose for a free text wrapping software. It’s lightweight, easy, and fast. However the use is very limited. Still it’s useful and handy.

You can try UnWrap here.

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