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Easy Cash Manager is a free bookkeeping software which lets you keep a record of all your incomes and expenditures in just one go. Its not just a simple program where you can add your income or subtract your expenditure as that can be done  at home as well with a notebook in hand. This bookkeeping software has many other useful functions that will make you stick to it rather than your notebook or other financial book keeping managers.

Microsoft Excel is also a program where you can do the same as it is a versatile program. But due to its versatility it has many functions in just one program which tends to confuse the users as to which function to use and how to deal with it. On the other hand,  Easy Cash Manager is a simple simple bookkeeping software where every function is quite easy to use and will not make you confused.

To track your expenses online, you can track Mint, or Buxfer.

Here are some of the features of this Free Bookkeeping Software:

  • This free bookkeeping software manages and gives you a clear picture of your accounts
  • You have an option to filter the figures of your records
  • You can survey the accounts and compare them with your past accounts
  • You can secure your account information by setting a password to it
  • You can administrate the VAT of accounts for small companies
  • The files can be opened in excel if you open and save  the CSV files
  • You can sort the records by mentioning the specific criteria
  • You can see the percentage of your daily incomes as well

It lets you see the total of your incomes and expenses, lets you deduct or filter any amount, lets you add or deposit the amount.This is far better than all the other complex bookkeeping software which make you baffled.

This program is very useful for those people who are not able to manage their finances properly as it is a guide towards efficiency. It makes you efficient and productive and lets you see where you need to control your expenses and where you need to save your money. Easy Cash Manager a good way for planning your finances. Of course, if you want even an easier option, you can track your spending through Twitter.

This book keeping program is free of cost for everyone, and can be easily downloaded. You can also try free online bookkeeping software.

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