Send A Real Estate Address to Get Property Valuation Price via SMS

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ESTATE is a free service where you can just send a real estate address to get property valuation price via SMS. The team behind ESTATE took a unique approach; instead of creating an app, they have built an SMS service to send you real estate valuation prices of homes and properties all around the United State.

This service has a database of Housing Price Index and uses Machine Learning to valuation properties. All you have to do is pick your phone and send the address of the home to the ESTATE number. Within a few seconds, it sends you a text with a valuation price of that home. If a home is not up for rent or sale, it still sends you the valuation. The owners can register on the service to know are interested in their property and get connected with potential buyers through ESTATE.

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Get Real Estate Property Valuation Price via SMS

Getting real estate property valuation price is very simple and straightforward with ESTATE. Currently, this ESTATE offers two services; it helps you find the valuation of the property and helps connect the seller and buyer.


real estate valuation via sms

To find the valuation price of a property, simply text the address of that property to this number

(650) 297 0792

Within a few seconds, you get a reply with an estimated price of that property. There is no app, ads, or payment involved. You get the marked-based valuation of the property right into your inbox. This works with almost all the properties even if they are not listed for sale.


connect with property buyers and sellers

You can also ESTATE to find buyers for your properties. To do that, first, you have to register yourself as a Resident on the service. Simply visit this link and enter the required information to get registered. Once you are a resident on ESTATE whenever someone shows interested in your property, this service lets you know about that. The buyers can make you offers and if you get interested in that then ESTATE helps you arrange a meeting.

There is also an upcoming service that will help you close the deal. This new service will provide customizable contracts. It will also provide you a network of inspectors, insurance brokers, and attorneys. You will be able to choose anyone from the network for further procedures.

Closing Words

ESTATE is a really unique service as it makes the valuable property information accessible to anyone. Anyone can easily check the market valuation of any property just by sending an SMS. If both parties are interested, it can also help to arrange a meeting which is useful and easy as you don’t have to deal with any brokers or real estate agencies.

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