Plan Private Events with this Open Source Alternative to Facebook Events

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This article covers an open-source alternative to Facebook Events where you can plan private events. Generally, if you have to plan an event online, you have to use some social media platform. The popular platform for that right now is Facebook Events. And, the main issue with Facebook Events is that the guests need to signup/login to register their RSVP. But if you don’t want to get caught into social media, here is an alternative for you.

Convo is an open-source private event planner platform that keeps things simple and away from social media. You can easily create an event online without any other distractions and invite your guests by email. And, the best thing is that your guests can register their RSVP without having to create accounts of their own. Whenever guests register their RSVP, you get a notification for the same and check the attending guest list in the event. All the guests can comment on the event and communicate with others.

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Open Source Alternative to Facebook Events: Convo

With Convo, you can create Convos and Events. A convo is like an announcement post which you can deliver to selected audience and events are just usual events. In order to create a convo or event, you need a Convo account (Only the event creator needs an account, guests don’t need an account to register their RSVP).  You can either create an account using your email or signup with Google or Facebook account. If you create an account using email, you have to verify your email address in order to create an event.

plan private events with friends using convo

When you log in to Convo, it opens the feeds where all the convos and events you create get lists. left to the feeds, you get a ‘Create’ button that allows you to create an event or convo. There is also a Contacts section where you can add your people to your contact list to easily invite them just using their names.

While creating an event, you have to enter an event name, location, time, and date. Then, you can add guests either by their email addresses or names (if saved in contacts). You can also add a message about the event where you can provide description, rules, guidelines, etc.

open source alternative to facebook events

Once you publish an event, all the guests get an email with event details and a link to register their RSVP. The link takes them to the event page where they can add comments as well. The event appears in your Convo feed where you can track all the guesses. You get a list of all the guests you have invited. The guests who are coming to the event have a checkmark against their name. From there, you can remove people from the guest list and invite others. Along with that, you also get the options to edit and delete the event.

Wrap Up

Convo is a neat and minimalistic event planner which is a decent alternative to Facebook Events. The process of creating an event and tracking the guests is simple and easy. Also, registering RSVP without an account is nice since no one wants to create a new account for an event. If you want to keep your event private and away from social media, this is a nice option to consider.

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