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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a website that can be used to generate high quality text powered by advanced AI that is accurate and fast. You can use it free of cost by navigating to the Playground or bulk generate text content using its Bulk Generator option. In addition to this also offers an Open AI compatible self-hostable option that effectively combines crawling and image analysis into a unitary API through which documents and images can be downloaded and analyzed to produce better quality text. is highly suited for a variety of use cases and examples but in this article we will be focusing on using the Study Notes option of to create ideas and research-based content.

Some Use Cases:

  1. Images: Analysis of image content by providing the web links to the image. Links to multiple images are supported.
  2. Review: You can forecast the human reaction to any ideas, product, services and more.
  3. Study Notes: Generate creative ideas or write research-based content based on the topic you specify.
  4. Chat: Use to create virtual assistants, text interfaces and more.
  5. Classification: You can cluster parts of text and study human response to text or multimedia content.
  6. Fantasy: Create writing assistants and bots for the entertainment industry.
  7. Legal: Use to write or auto-complete legal, scientific and other domain specific content.
  8. Tweet: Create product ideas and generate questions and answers that you wish to tweet.
  9. Code generation. Write or autocomplete code in several programming languages. It also supports translation and audit of code.
  10. Receipts: Analysis of words in scanned images of licenses, receipts and other documents.

Click here if you require help with more use cases and related examples.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to using the link that we have specified at the end of this article and signup for a free account.

2. Click on ‘Playground’ in the top menu and type or paste the text prompt of topic in the left side panel. For example, to create study notes for Ancient Rome, you may use the text prompt ‘What are 5 key points I should know when studying Ancient Rome?’. Likewise, if you want to create study notes for the Great Depression, you can use the prompt ‘What are the important points about Great Economic Depression. You can use your ingenuity and create your own text prompts based on the topic for which you desire to generate study notes.

Type text prompt

3. Use the sliders in the Configuration Panel towards the left to select the Number of Results, Max. length, Max. sentences and more.

Configuration options

4. Once you have typed the text prompt, press Ctrl + Enter or click on the ‘Play’ icon at the bottom of the panel.

5. will take a few seconds to process the request after which the information that you asked for will be displayed below the prompt.

Study Note example

Study Note example

6. You can use the pull-down menu at the top of the interface for examples of other use cases such as Complex summarization, Autocomplete, Code generation, Recent stock events and more.

If you are interested in self-hosting you must subscribe to their paid plans. Click here to read more about this.

Closing Comments: is a good alternative to Open AI to generate high-quality text content including analysis of images. I tested the product and observed that it works perfectly fine and was able to quickly generate relevant content for me. It also provides a paid self-hosted option that supports a massive amount of use cases that include creation and auditing of code, AI assistant, Legal writing, Sales & Marketing content and more.

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