5 Online Image To SVG Converter Websites Free

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This article covers 5 free online image to SVG converter websites.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It’s an XML-based vector graphics format for 2D graphics. SVG use paths (lines and curves) to create a file as compared to raster image formats which use pixels.

With these websites, you can convert a raster image to SVG vector. Most of these websites, provide various customization options which you can use to tweak the resulting SVG file; for example, you set the number of colors, replace existing colors, adjust quality and more. Some of these websites also let you import images from the popular cloud storage or from the web via URL and convert them to SVG.

So, let’s check out these websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Free Online Image to SVG Converter Websites:


online image to svg converter

Vectorizer.io is an online image vectorizer tool where you can convert raster image to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Here, you can upload a PNG, BMP, or JPEG file within 1 MB size limit and convert it to SVG. When you upload your raster image file here, this tool converts it to SVG and show you previews of both the files side by side. There are 8 presets for photo, drawing, clipart, and tattoo for the SVG which you can choose as per your requirements.

This tool lists all the color present in the raster file. From these color list, you can unselect any color to remove it from the SVG. Beneath the SVG preview, it shows you the amount of each color present in that SVG. Apart from the colors, you can also set the maximum number of colors along with grouping percentage and minimum area for the SVG. You can also add blur to the SVG and, merge or blurred out the background as well. After making the final adjustments, you can download the SVG to your computer.

Convert image to SVG here.


free online image to svg converter

PNGtoSVG.com is a free website to convert raster JPEG and PNG to SVG online. When you upload your raster image here, it loads a live preview of that image and gives you various options to customize it. With these options, you can limit the number of color for the SVG. You can also adjust the Simplify level. The higher Simplify level makes the graphics less sharp.

Apart from these two options, you can also adjust the Gamma, Hue, Contrast and Saturation value for the SVG file and see the real-time results in the raster image preview. After making the desired changes, click the “Generate” button to convert the raster image to SVG. This tool shows you a preview of the resulted SVG file and lists all the colors available in the vector. From there, you can replace any of the colors from the Color Palette shown at the top of the preview. In the end, you can download the SVG file with the “Download SVG” button.

Give this online image to SVG converter a try here.


online image to svg converter free

PicSVG.com is another free website to convert an image to SVG format. With this website, you can upload JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG image and convert it to SVG. The maximum input file size limit is 1 MB here. Unlike other websites on this list, PicSVG generates a hollow silhouette of the image. You can select the color for the silhouette. It also gives you an option to change the quality of the SVG; you can either choose “Great” which is the best possible quality or, go with “Strong” which is little lower than the “Great”. This website also has 8 filters which make the silhouette less hollow by filling up different sections with a solid color. You can try these filters and see their impact in the SVG preview. When you are satisfied with the preview, you can download the resulted SVG by click of the “Download” button.

You can try this online image to SVG converter here.


convert image to svg online

As the name suggests, SVGCreator.com is a free website that creates an SVG file from a raster image. Creating an SVG file is very simple here. All you have to do is upload your image file and this website automatically generates the respective SVG file for you. It creates a monochrome SVG vector and shows you the preview of both, image and SVG, side by side along with a download option. There is no extra customization and tweaking options which might make it not so useful for some and very simple for others at the same time.

Try this image to SVG converter here.


convert to svg


Online-Convert.com is an online cloud converter platform where you can convert one file type to another. You can use this website to convert a raster image to SVG. To do that, you can upload an image from your local storage or import from cloud storage. This website support file import from Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also fetch an image from the web via a URL. The maximum file size limit is 100 MB here.

After loading the image to the converter, you can also set the size, DPI, and color profile for the output SVG. You can also set black and white threshold and speckles threshold for the output. In the end, click the “Convert file” button to convert the SVG. After that, this website gives you a link to download the SVG file.

Try this online image to SVG converter here.

Wrap Up

These image to SVG converter websites are very efficient and free to use. Depending on your requirements, you can use any of them to convert a raster image to SVG. Give them a try and share your experience with us in the comments.

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