5 Free FBX Viewer Software for Windows

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FBX stands for Filmbox. This file format maintains all the elements, functionality, and fidelity of the original file, because of that, it serves as interoperable between 3D content creator applications from different manufacturers. An FBX file can be converted back and forth to other 3D file formats including DXF, OBJ, DAE, and 3DS.

This article covers 3 free FBX viewer software for Windows. With these free software, you can open an FBX file and visualize all its content. The first three software on this list are FBX viewers with interaction, projects, and effects. Whereas, the last two software also let you edit and modify the FBX file. So, let’s check out these software one by one.

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5 Free FBX Viewer Software for Windows:

AutoDesk FBX Viewer

free fbx viewer software for Windows

FBX Review is a free FBX file viewer program by AutoDesk. This program is cross-platform and available for Windows (Software & App), MacOS, and iOS. It is one of the best light-weight software to view FBX and other 3D files on Windows. When you open an FBX file in this software, it gives options to toggle between texture, wireframe, shading, and lighting options at the top of the screen. It also supports user-created camera angles and lets you easily switch between them. Along with that, you can customize the view options from the setting and review (play) the animated 3D assets as well.

Download AutoDesk FBX viewer from here.

ClockStone FBX Viewer

free fbx viewer software for Windows

ClockStone FBX Viewer is another free light-weight FBX file viewer for Windows. This is a simple-to-use program that supports various 3D file formats along with FBX. It supports 3D engine features such as real-time shadow, post-render effects, and can easily visualize all the FBX properties. When you open this program, it asks you to select the 3D file which you want to open. You can simply interact with the 3D model by simple click and drag and adjust the zoom level with the mouse wheel scroll. From the menubar, you can access the shadows, view, animation, and effects options and visualize all the properties of the FBX 3D model.

You can get this FBX viewer software from here.


fbx file viewer software

The next software that you can use to view FBX file on Windows is Paint 3D. This software is exclusive to Windows 10 only and comes pre-installed along with other Windows 10 apps. It is a 3D version of MS Paint where you can make 2D and 3D models and interact with them. This program supports several 3D file formats which you can open and visualize with it. You can easily open an FBX file in Paint 3D and interact with it. But this program does not provide many other options. It only shows the shape of the 3D model and lets you view it from all angles. There is no shadows, lighting, wireframe or any other options. But, you can consider it as a quick option to view FBX file on Windows 10 when you don’t have any other compatible software installed.

Get Paint 3D from Microsoft Store here.


open fbx file offline

As you might be aware of, Blender is an open-source 3D computer graphics software. It is used to create 3D models, visual effects, animations, interactive 3D applications and more. It is one of the most versatile solutions to view FBX files. With Blender, you can not only interact with FBX data but you can also edit and modify it. It supports shadows, effects, lighting, wireframes, perspectives, and many more advanced options. You can view an FBX file layer by layer and visualize any and all of its content with Blender.

Do note that, if you try to open an FBX file with the Open option from File tab, it will only list the Blender file. To open an FBX file, go to File -> Import and select Import an FBX file.

Download Blender to view FBX file from here.


open fbx file on Windows

Bforartists is another powerful software suite for 3D content. Similar to Blender, it packs lots of features and tools to view, create, and manipulate 3D contentBforartists has an easy-to-navigate user interface which got it praises over Blender from the content creators on the web. You can use this software to view FBX file on Windows. You can open an FBX file from the File ->  Import -> Import an FBX file option and visualize all the data including shadows, wireframes, lighting, effects layer by layer. You can also edit the content of FBX file, add/remove layers, add new elements and save that as a new FBX file.

Here is a link to download this FBX viewer software.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 free FBX viewer software for Windows. You can use any of these software to view the FBX file. If you just want to view and interact with the FBX file, then give AutoDesk FBX Review or ClockStone FBX Viewer a try. But, if you need to manipulate and modify the FBX content, then you should try Bforartists or Blender.

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